Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Cream

This is completely unacceptable. Six runs in the first inning and one the rest of the way? Dammit, same old freaking Mets. That's it. Time to clean house. Fire Manuel! Trade David Wright for Joe Crede! Trade Jose Reyes for Cutter Dykstra so we have grit! Fire Omar Minaya! Fire the Wilpons! Trade Mr. Met for Slider!!! I'VE HAD IT!!!

By now, you should have figured out that I'm, umm ... kidding. (I know I know, not funny.) And I can kid because John Maine continued his dominance of the Marlins on Monday night, and went back on track in the process. And hey, the Mets have won three of four! Joy.

Omir Santos played his third straight game and smacked a grand slam in that first inning. And we all know that even before the slam that Snoop has a man-crush on Santos. So when Brian Schneider returns from injury, the Mets have a very interesting decision to make. Will Santos go back down? Will Fluff Castro invent an injury? Will Fluff Castro have an injury invented for him? Will the Gary Sheffield experiment end? Will Fernando Martinez be traded for milk to make room on the 40 man roster? These questions and many others will be answered on the next episode of Soap.
"What? A visit to Debits Field and no mention that the scoreboard went on strike in the 4th, which only 40% of the fans noticed, since it's
You're correct. And I noticed. Here's the proof:

They even made an announcement before the game that one of the amenities would be "non-operational" during the game. I didn't hear what it was, and I didn't want to know. Just would have given me one more thing to bitch about.

(Editor's note: There was a similar announcement before Monday night's game about something in the park being non-operational. Turns out it was Gary Sheffield's mitt.)


Demitri said...

Scoreboard is running Windows. Its to be expected.

After the game, I watched the Phillies/Nationals (I live in the Philly area). What a freakin meltdown. Of course, to expect any help from the Nationals is a mistake. But the way the Phils hammered at their bullpen makes you scratch your head since the Mets are SO bad late in games.

James Allen said...

I got this idea from Jack at Productive Outs. Your blog definitely looks cooler in spanish! Los Musicos y ProfecĂ­as de MetstradamusLa Crema!

Schneck said...

I've been to a couple of games now and aside from the fact that I can't see left field, my biggest gripe is the fans. First let me say, that I absolutely hate the wave. I understand that if a game is lopsided, it gives the fans something to do. But both of the games that I went to were very close and, out of nowhere, in the early innings no less, the wave starts. Not only that, those not doing the wave are cheering or booing depending on its success. All of this while the game, the close game, is still going on! At least at Shea it was forced to stop with the gap in the seating but now it goes again and again and a$%@#^$@$^gain. It is all about the ADHD of today's fan but that is a whole other story. On top of this, we get the "Yankees suck" chants at random times. That just sounds sad, jealous and desperate. Who cares about the Yanks if we are not playing them? I used to argue with Yankee fans about which team has better fans and I always saw Met fans as more classy and friendly in the park. In the past 10 years or so, our fans are no different from the loud mouthed, garbage talking fans from the Bronx. I'm done for now.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Mets did announce the "ribbon scoreboard" was kaput for Sunday's game about 15 minutes before the Jumping Bean's first pitch. The main scoreboard's demise was unexpected. When the score was 1-8 with the Mets swinging on the first pitch as though they had to catch a plane back to Flushing (from Flushing?), all the scoreboards could have been showing "Beer Money" for all I cared. I was on my way to the 7 train, which was more entertaining than the game.

Eli From Brooklyn said...

The wave is another way some fans say that they either don't have a clue as to what is going on or that they'd rather be in a different place at the time.

Great blog post. As usual.


Metstradamus said...


I've had translated links to this blog here for years. Scroll bottom left and check the blog out in German. You haven't lived ...

Metstradamus said...


Type in "wave" in the search box here and you'll see how much I despise the wave. And it's gone on here about 25 years too long.

When the wave came back to Shea, it was because somebody wanted attention. And there were always enough people in the stands who, as Eli said, would rather be somewhere else. But that's the type of patron that's attracted to the new park.

When you think about it, it makes sense. Why else would there be a robotic camera put in so that you could get a clear shot of whichever four-year-old is taking batting practice off a tee at the Y2K children's field, but to see who's warming up in the visitor's bullpen you have to get a shot through a wire fence. How much sense does that make to a baseball fan?

number15 said...

"dass Snoop hat ein Mann-Crush auf Santos"

i've never felt so alive

James Allen said...

Wow. Never saw that before. Unfortunately in German it reads "Die Creme." You know, it's just one of those quirks in life that one of the most common words in the English language translates to "die" in German (yes, I know it's pronounced differently, and yeah, it doesn't translate to that all the time, but still.)

Insert reference to Sideshow Bob line in "Cape Feare"

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Speaking about other languages...sometimes I feel like my Mets play in a way that I completely fail to understand.

And that's without getting into the actual ethnicity factor.

Gracias, Omar.

(Oh, and if I got a penny for every time a spanish player said the words "you know" or "like I said" then, yup, you guessed it, I'd be rich. It's pointless to interview most of them...you can get more on the Mets out of a 3 year old toddler who passed by the television while his uncle was watching the Mets game).

But hey, until then, you people out there enjoy the wave.

For now... I wave goodbye.

dave crockett said...


Soap reference.

Big thumbs up!

kjs said...

I was at the disaster tonight. Parnell was pitching. The Marlins were rallying. It was tense; tight; crucial. And 40,000 clueless fools are doing the wave after giving Hernandez a nice cheer for pitching...uhmmm...5 innings (so much for a "rubber" arm). We used to be the smartest fan base in the nation. What happened??? Debits Field is awful, and the Wilpons ghave destroyed NL baseball in NYC.

Eli From Brooklyn said...

...But at least u have the wave...

Funny how my word verification is CitiStinksBigTime

MetFanMac said...

The Mets have been outscored 77-70 in all innings other than the first. Same old, same old.