Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hide Your Pets, It's Oliver Perez!

Well hey ... at least statistically, the bullpen was perfect.

Considering that Joey Votto picked this weekend to announce to the National League that he was changing his name to "Babe", the Mets should consider themselves fortunate that they won two out of three. But for those concerned about whether Oliver Perez would carry his horrid spring over the the regular season, well be concerned no more. He has.

(While it was actually Darren O'Day that gave up the base hit that eventually proved to be the game winner, all of the runs on the table were Ollie's ... and O'Day's pitch that was hit by Paul Janish to drive in the deciding two runs wasn't a bad pitch. You could say that hitting Edwin Encarnacion with a pitch as soon as he came in was O'Day's biggest mistake. Considering O'Day pitched today knowing his friend and former teammate Nick Adenhart was killed last night, nobody should have any qualms about Darren's performance.)

There will be plenty of time to panic over Perez (remember, panic is a marathon not a sprint). For now, let's tip our hats to Babe Votto on a Ruthian series. Here's hoping you at least have him on your fantasy team.


fredstradamus said...

"*62"? Billy Crystal reads your blog? Awesome. He should watch his potty mouth though ....

Hey, and no photo credit from Wednesday?


Metstradamus said...

Nepotism only gets you so far, dude ;)

(P.S. 62* isn't Billy Crystal. He's Barry Pepper.)

Ceetar said...

I want votto on my team now, that's for sure.

Oh..Perez. If Perez wants to do the WBC in 4 years, the Mets better send a coach with him to whip him into shape. I intend to not panic of Perez for at least three weeks until he's back into real shape.

*62 said...

Billy Crystal? Isn't that troll a Yankee fan?

And he hasn't been funny since "Soap" .... wake me when he gets a real job.