Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Easy On The Pissery

I love the Mets.

I'm sure that fact is easy to forget from your perspective as you read my constant razzes, piling on, and flat out pissery. (If Snoop Manuel can make up crackpot theories as to why Oliver Perez is wild, then I can make up new meanings for existing words, so deal with it.) So it's something I need to make it clear and reiterate sometimes. Everyone has their cross to bear ... loving the Mets is mine.

Yet I'm not one of those people that think winter is cold and lonely and that I need to inject caffeine straight into my veins to get through the 3-4 months without real live baseball. Winter is fun. This might have been more fun than others. I saw the Jets get to the AFC Championship game. I saw USA Hockey get to overtime of the gold medal game, and I'm about to go on the wild ride that is the Rangers make a big push for ninth place. Woo hoo.

And I also saw the Nets win six games ... one of them against the Celtics after they traded for Nate Robinson.

(After that I saw a chipmunk on downers with a broken leg drop 40 points on Robinson.)

Winter? Suits me just fine. A winter without the Mets? Probably did a little good for my sanity.

And yet I knew ... I knew that I was growing wistful for the Mets when I was watching the Winter Olympics, and I couldn't watch John Shuster cost the American curlers three wins on last rock without thinking of Aaron Heilman. And when all the alpine skiers started looking like Jose Offerman angrily wielding a baseball bat at a minor league pitcher, I knew I was starting to miss the game.

But when I was yelling at Carlos Baerga last night for missing an easy tag on Joe Girardi during the airing of a game that happened 14 years ago ... a game the Mets won, I knew I needed a ballgame, quickly.

Thankfully, we'll get one today.

And it's fitting that in the first game against a live opponent (don't give me intersquad ... we talkin' bout practice, man) it's Nelson Figueroa that will get the start. Not only is it nice to see Nelson get a chance to make the team after being tossed around the organization like a Jeremy Reed throw from first, it provides a certain symmetry from tossing in those long shadows that only meaningless October baseball can provide to pitching in the splashy sun that only spring training in Florida can muster up. It's Figueroa who provides the bridge between the despair of last season and the promise of 2010. And if you've reached the end of that bridge without jumping, then welcome to the season. If you haven't reached the end of the bridge, you've got about a month to get there.

But whether you're ready, or you're not, there's one thing we can all agree on:

How the hell did Baerga miss that tag? It's Joe Girardi for crissakes! A damn catcher!!! When are we going to be out from Baerga's contract so we can go sign Luis Castillo?


Schneck said...

Schneck has decided to throw reality, I mean pessimism, aside and allow himself to feel optimistic about the 2010 Mets.

The 2010 Mets...why the hell not?!

Anonymous said...

Haha...Baerga's contract? What about Bobby Bo's contract? Are we through paying him yet?

Nice to hear ya express your love of the Mets, try not to think of it in such a burdensome way....lol.


mistermet said...

Totally agree, Metstra. I have to say that from about July-January, I was not looking forward to the 2010 season. i mean, don't get me wrong...i love the team to death, but just looking ahead, there were so many reasons (and still are many reasons) to be negative. I've said my fair share of sarcastic pissery to other mets fans (and other people who care less about baseball...sometimes it just slips out. you get a weird look when that happens).

At the beginning of February, though, I felt a strange feeling of optimism about this team. And now, I'm ready. I don't know where it came from and you'd never confuse me for some sort of prophet, but I have a feeling about this team (don't know whether that's optimism or maybe just indigestion...i'll probably be feeling plenty of that by June when BB-Rod is serving up blown saves).

Nevertheless, I'm ready. The pissery (for the most part) ends today and 2010 begins. Lets Go Mets!

Dan said...

Well said, Mestra.

Now that 2010 is here it would be great if Mets fans collectively and temporarily put aside the diappointment of the last four seasons. It's a new decade, people. Send some positive vibes down to Port St. Lucie.

Now let's go out there and kick the ever-living sh%t out of the Phillies. They've partied long and hard enough. We owe them big time.

(as you can see) I tend to get ahead of myself.

Unser said...

I was doing fine this winter until I watched the Phillies-Cubs 23-22 game from 1979 on mlb network. That game will get anyone in the mood for baseball.

FeceMcGee said...

Dan, I agree with you on the Phillies. WE could've easily been the defending 3-time NL East champs coming into last year. Philly fans got a gift (or 2) and they let us have it for too long. This year, we're not giving up the division without a fight!

Go Ollie! Go Maine! Go...

..crap we're screwed..

lol jk.. Let's go Mets!

Bob said...

I'll play nice and lay off the Mets (team), but Citi Field is still fair game to me! The big "C" from the Citi Field sign crashes into the stands from atop the scoreboard?! You gotta be kidding. The Idiot Prince (Jeff Wilpon) crowed that Citi Field was brought in under budget and ahead of schedule. Now we know why. It's put together with chewing gum and bailing wire.

FeceMcGee said...