Monday, March 15, 2010

Turning A Lemon Into A Sponsorship

You know what struck me about Saturday's game?

Not the nine run 7th inning which featured four home runs ... though that was cool.

Not Oliver Perez's four hitless innings ... that was just plain mind-blowing (yet strangely typical of Oliver's inconsistency).

No, it's that the newly created shortstop battle between Alex Cora and Ruben Tejada has a sponsor. Seriously. "This battle for shortstop is sponsored by the new movie The Bounty Hunter" is what was read during the television broadcast with the accompanying graphic.

Leave it to the Mets to turn a season changing injury into a profit. It's strangely admirable.


James Allen said...

If the Mets were really shrewd they'd have "The Lumber Liquidators 15-Day DL", "The Con Ed 30-Day DL" and of course, "The Sloan Kettering 60-Day DL."

Dan said...

My biggest problem with John Maine is that he doesn't smile enough. The guy needs to start enjoying his fricken life. Then maybe he'll start getting people out consistently.

This, obviously, has nothing to do with your post, but I think it's worth pointing out considering all of the attention Maine's Sunday performance is getting.

I think the Mets should go with Tejada at short b/c he's the better defensive player. (Or at least that's what Kevin Burkhart and Ed Coleman have said.) As far as I'm concerned, until Beltran and Reyes get back, they should field the strongest defensive team possible.

FeceMcGee said...

Mets: "Hmm... Cora or Tejada?"

Phillies: "Hmm.. Howard or Pujols?"

Schneck said...

I hear they have an agreement with WebMd to sponsor all unplanned commercial breaks due to Mets limping or being carried off the field after injury. They are still working on the final language but it will likely be something like, "This injury is brought to you by WebMd." In addition, when the injured player appears in the dugout or crowd to cheer his team on, he is required to wear a WebMd baseball cap and/or cast.

Anonymous said...

Howard or Pujols?

Not sure i follow.

If Howard goes down the phillies have Gload.

Utley? well i guess they shift polanco and play dobbs at third.

Rollins? Castro.

An outfielder goes down they have ben Francisco.

Why is it that people act like any other team has all-star backups?

Why is it that people seem to believe the Phillies could have survived last season without Rollins, Howard and Utley? Or the Yankees without Tex, Jeter, and Arod?

Really, i think given the circumstances last season, pagan and Murphy made for pretty good fill-ins. And this year we have Jacobs, Pagan, and yes i hate to say it, but even Matthews, are all pretty decent back-up guys. Plus we got guys like Martinez and Davis really pushing to get through as well.

Now pitching....well, either they step up and do what people have thought they might be capable of since 06 or they don't, unfortunately, there isn't a lot of options there right now.


Metstradamus said...

Thomas, perhaps this will clarify things:

Anonymous said...

well now i know what he is talking about, but still isn't remotely the same situation. The Mets aren't thinking about trading Reyes and according to Amaro, the phillies aren't considering trading Howard.

whether this is factual at all or not, really has no basis or bearing on a discussion about our back-up shortstop.