Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Physical? Why, That Would Cost Money!

Gotta love an organization like the Mets that dares to fly in the face of conventional wisdom.

You know who else loves the Mets' organization? Used car dealers. They practically trip over themselves getting to Omar and Jeff trying to sell them a family wagon where the engine has been replaced by cupcakes and printer ink.

"What? A post trade physical? Come ahhhhhhhhhn! Where's your sense of danger? This world has gotten too safe. Live a little! It's like playing Let's Make A Deal where you never really know what's behind that curtain or in that box. Remember how much fun you had watching Let's Make A Deal when you were a kid? Come on, think positive and man up!!!"

But don't you kids find it fitting that an organization run by businessmen who were taken by a Ponzi scheme would blow something so simple like giving a guy with bone chips in his elbow a physical after trading for him? Because, y'know, damn near every trade ever made in the world in the last thirty years is immediately followed by the words "pending physicals." But not the Mets. Noooooooooo, not them. That's not nearly exciting enough for Mets fans. And excitement is what the Mets are about!

"Well we had no time for a real physical. Physicals cost money, and waste valuable time. And as you know, time is money. And we knew that one day that money would go towards bringing back Fernando Tatis for a third season. So we had a guy come in with a mallet to hit him on the knee and turns out Putz was fine. No no, doc was legit. He took a course."

The best part about the whole l'affaire is the Mets official response (not like the unofficial ones in the italics above.)
"“In our review of the player’s medical records in the acquisition of J.J. Putz, we were aware that he had a bone spur before the trade. He had the same condition in 2008 and was able to pitch with it. J.J. underwent an exam during Spring Training and an additional exam and MRI before he was cleared to play in last year’s World Baseball Classic. Unfortunately the spur did flare up again in May, and he missed the rest of the season."
Ooooooh ... BAZING! What a response!!!!! Except, y'know, it disputes nothing that Putz said in the "controversial" interview.
"When the trade went down last year, I never really had a physical with the Mets,” said Putz. “I had the bone spur (in the right elbow). It was discovered the previous year in Seattle, and it never got checked out by any other doctors until I got to spring training, and the spring training physical is kind of a formality. It was bugging me all through April, and in May I got an injection. It just got to the point where I couldn't pitch. I couldn't throw strikes, my velocity was way down."
Sounds to me like player and team are on the same page! Tremendous!!! Too bad the player is no longer a part of the team he's on the same page with.

But remember, one is an exception, two is a trend.
Putz’s season was over. And he learned a very important lesson: "That it’s my career, and when you know something doesn't feel right, and they want to take these little sidesteps to do something, and just wait and wait and wait, you got to get it taken care of instead of trying to prolong the inevitable."
Vindication ... thy name is Carlos Beltran.

But there was something about the Mets threw into their official response that was telling.
"We are happy to hear he is feeling well, and wish him success with the White Sox."
Yes, we've seen this kind of quote before. Here's the loose translation:
"Jam it where the sun doesn't shine, J.J."
Funny if a Mets doctor had done that, we might not be in this mess.

Yeah, we might still have Aaron Heilman.

"See! We knew what we were doing all along!"


Michael said...

Dude, if you think the Mets are so inept why don't you just change your column to "I am really a Yankee Fan" (oh yeah - likely you became a Mets fan in - let's see - 1969, and then came back in 1986, and dipped your toe in the water in 1999 but what to do about 2000...)

Christopher said...

we could also still have Joe Smith and Endy Chavez.

calzone said...

If I never see Aaron Heilman in the labels section again it will be too soon.

Unser said...

While it's mind boggling that the Mets did not condition the trade on Putz passing a physical, JJ's gripe rings rather hollow given that he played in the WBC, an event which was entirely at his option. Sorry but this sounds like piling on an easy target as an excuse for his problems.

Metstradamus said...

But it still denotes a pattern. It's not like what Putz says is an isolated incident.

Calzone said...

Agreed, Damus.

If there wasn't a litany of other similar accusations against the mets regarding injuries I could chalk it up to being sour grapes.

I am surprised the mets didn't blame putz on the dodgers medical staff.

So what is the over/under on Bay's knees and shoulders given the history of the mets telling players not to tell anyone they are hurt?

Schneck said...

If I may respond to Michael...so basically you define being a real fan as someone that accepts all that their team does without question. To question the decisions of management implies that you are either a poser or just plain confused. Michael, you are the fan that the Wilpons have been looking for. I think you should send your resume immediately as I think they would hire you immediately as head of fan relations.

Unser said...

Yes, it again shows the incompetence of the Mets and its medical staff. But the player, at least in Putz's case, deserves some of the blame too. If he was that hurt, why was he unleashing 95mph fastballs against Canada in the WBC as if it were Game 7 of the WS?

The scarier situation is Beltran. I stil can't believe how poorly the Mets handled that. Does anyone really buy that there is no rift between the team and Carlos?

ben jimenez New York said...

the great Metstradamus has convinced me, the mets are making more money buying into a secret credit derivative swap cashing in on the failing franchise's injury insurance. wow. we aint the amazings for nothing! lets go mets!

Calzone said...


Michael = Obamao

Same ideology:
"DO NOT question"

Anonymous said...

i think the wilpons probably feel like a couple of putz's ..

theBrooklynTrolleyBlogger said...

JJ Putz aside, the Met's Med Staff has done everything to earn their reputation as not being capable to administer a band-aid. As far as Putz himself...yea..he can stick it.