Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Blame Oliver Perez

"What did I do this time? I didn't even pitch today!"

I know, I know. I blame Oliver Perez for most things in life these days. His reputation precedes him.

But I also blame Mike Pelfrey and John Maine. "For what" is what you are surely asking.

The latest bit of "breaking news" to come out of Mets camp is that Sean Green and Bobby Parnell are reportedly going to start the 2010 season in Buffalo. It makes room for guys like Nelson Figueroa and Hisanori Takahashi to land in the bullpen. And that makes a load of sense (Mets? Sense? I know!) considering that nobody is counting on the three headed monster of Little Pelf, Cousin Ollie, and Maine & 5th to provide a whole bunch of innings. I'm sure Sunday's six runs in five and 2/3's given up by Pelfrey pushed the Mets toward that line of thinking, or perhaps over the cliff.

If those three are going to average five innings a start, then you're going to need innings eaters in the bullpen like Nellie and Takahashi II to eat up some of those middle innings. Heck, maybe it gives Snoop more flexibility to have a quicker hook when the Tee Ball Triplets come in throwing beach balls all over the place. But you're going to tire out your bullpen when you have nothing but three out guys to turn to on a night where Perez has one of his famous "seven runs in five outs" linescores.

It may be a raw deal for Green and Parnell, but Parnell will probably be back sooner than later. And Green? Well jeez who needs a six foot six guy who comes in and throws submarine style? I know Chad Bradford was 6'5" but at least Blueback looked like a submariner. Green's makeshift new delivery makes him look like that episode of the Munsters where Herman tried to pitch for the Giants.* Green will walk the world in anyway because batters will be too distracted by a 6'6" guy who looks like he has no interest in bending. I know it's not the most accurate analysis or scouting report you're going to get on Green but he just plain freaks me out.

Other than the fact that sending the other large component of the J.J. Putz trade to the minors makes that trade completely useless on this side of the Mississippi, it seems to be a move that had to be made if it is indeed made.

*This episode of The Munsters never happened.


Glenn said...

Also relevant to the discussion: Chad Bradford was good. Really good.

Sean Green: not so much.

mistermet said...

ha. Tee Ball Triplets. I like it.

So...what ever happened to that Bradford guy? Replacing him with Schoeneweis for more money was a really good idea, wasn't it? What a sound decision by a truly sound front office.

ugh *facepalm*

Unser said...

Your analysis of Green is dead on: lots of herky-jerk resulting in a HBP or a BB.

Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree a bit there...Bradford was right handed, schoeneweis wasn't really a replacement, but a lefty specialist, and actually a darn good one, that was misused by the manager, so not entirely a front office debacle.


F.A.V. said...

Perez, Maine, and Pelfrey....30 years devoted to this team and this is what I can look forward to in 2010. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.