Monday, February 22, 2010

A Snoop Manuel Joint

The people that brought you the 80 pitch drill present:
Big Pelf on bizarre drill of pitchers fielding grounders at SS: "If there's a couple more injuries, one of us will have to move over there." -A Tweet from Newsday's David Lennon
You want to see a couple more injuries? Have Oliver Perez make some throws from shortstop. You'll get a couple more injuries.

So the pitchers are taking grounders at shortstop. Well, I guess you can never be too prepared since that situation comes up all the time (and by all the time, I mean never).

Coming up on Monday: The shortstops play left, the middle infielders play right, the third basemen throw in relief, the marketing department covers first on a bunt, and the outfielders play hockey. This way, everybody can do everything, and Snoop will have more time to write jokes since he won't have to spend so much time doing any actual managing. It's so stupid, it's brilliant! (And by brilliant, I mean stupid.)


Nigel said...

Unreal! Speechless.

Schneck said...

I have become convinced that:
Jerry Manuel = Peter Sellers' character in the amazing movie Being There.
The Wilpons = Melvyn Douglas' character.

See for explanation if you haven't seen the movie or better yet watch it as it is a great movie.

Anonymous said...

Must be a slow day since you are just looking for something to complain's totally relevant news, and by totally relevant, i mean useless...who cares?!?

Your Friend...

Anonymous said...

If it makes anyone feel better....

Mets pitchers taking fielding practice off the mound. A necessity but i'd bet far morte likely to result in injury than taking a few ground balls at SS. Perhaps the SS drill was just a warm up to get them loose before they moved to the mound.


mistermet said...

Geez...this Thomas guy seems like a wet blanket. and by wet blanket, i mean...well...yeah, a wet blanket.

Keep it up, Metstra. I certainly enjoy reading your posts!

Anonymous said... calling. I might just cry.