Thursday, March 04, 2010

Encouraging Your Alcoholic Tendencies (And Your Destructive Reading Habit)

Amazin' Avenue is one of my favorite blogs in life.

And now it's in book form so you can have all the fun of your favorite blog without having to log on to anything or deal with Windows Vista. Because as you know this computer thing is just a fad to keep you entertained while scientists work on a microchip to put every piece of the Internet into your brain before the feds manipulate that chip via remote control to make you believe what they want to believe and force you all to become passive people who eat nothing but Activia, watch nothing but tabloid entertainment shows and root for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Crap ... I've said too much.

But boys and girls, go grab the Amazin' Avenue Annual when it comes out on Friday. It features:
  • Passages from many of your favorite "AA" authors ...
  • A few from outside the Amazin Avenue world, and ... are you ready for this ...
  • A drinking game that you can play during Mets telecasts that will give "AA" a completely different meaning for you by the end of September.
And that's all just the beginning. So don't just fall off the wagon, dive off it and into the world of the Amazin' Avenue Annual. To borrow a curling phrase, hurry hard and get this book. And, y'know, drink.


spankie said...

Hey Metstradamus. I love your blog. I have a great blog too. I can't find a way to contact you privately, so I'll invite you to it publicly. Please give a look at let me know your thoughts. I think you'll like it and maybe you can add it to your list. Thanks.

Calzone said...

since I usually bash most moves, I will say GOOD JOB OMAR.

On the Kiko Calero signing anyway.

Demitri said...

I use a Mac, but also eat Activia. Should I still be worrying about rooting for the steelers?

I'm confused.