Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gator Bait

I can vouch for Ralph Kiner when he says that the best way to get away from an alligator is to run zig-zag. Because I heard the same thing years ago from an independent source. So Ron Darling had best remember this when the alligator comes after him during a round of golf and not be so dismissive.

You know what he also said during Thursday's loss to the Twins? He said that Fernando Martinez reminded him of Ted Williams. Well, so much for lowered expectations, right? This might scare me more than being chased by an alligator (or Sean Green coming into a game). Because you can't run from expectations ... zig-zag or otherwise.


Demitri said...

Perhaps Fmart reminded him of Ted Williams, but not for baseball playing ability. Does Fmart plan on having his head cryogenically frozen at some point?

I suspect yes, and Omar must be involved, because he hasn't done enough yet to lower his trade value.

FeceMcGee said...

I once heard a WFAN caller refer to FMart as "Fartinez". I don't have a clever set up for that here, I just thought it was hilarious