Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You've Got Questions, I Just Have More Questions

If Alex Cora was worth every penny of the $2.5 million the Mets paid him to be Jose Reyes insurance, then why would the Mets consider acquiring Cristian Guzman when it's time to cash in on the insurance policy?

Did Omar Minaya wake up and realize "Holy %$@#, we've gotta play Alex Cora every day!!!"

That's it, Rafael Santana's coming to camp to teach Ike Davis to play shortstop. Snoop loves the versatility anyway, so it works out.

And how is it that from January until know, I've completely forgotten that Josh Fogg was on the team?

Oh that's right, I remember now. He tried to slay a dragon and tweaked his side.

All other questions that I can't answer myself have been directed to your leader in WilVlog 3.0. Enjoy:

The Mascots just get angrier and angrier.


Unser said...

I would rather see them start Tejada for the first month and let the chips fall where they may. If, by the end of the year, we have a pretty good idea of the abilities of Tejada, Niese, Mejia, F-Mart, Davis and Thole, we'll have taken a step forward.

Anonymous said...

Great vid

Schneck said...

I want a Bob Murphy/Ralph Kiner bobblehead. Also, I heard Chico Escuela is playing in some small, third world country in an attempt to make a comeback. Wasn't he a shortstop?

Demitri said...

There's no coming home for Chico, after writing his explosive tell-all book, "Bad Stuff, About the New York Mets"