Saturday, August 16, 2008

High Anxiety

So when did you get nervous?

Was it when Filthy Sanchez walked in from the bullpen?

Was it when Jack Wilson hit his first home run of the season off Filthy, and first off of a Met since he hit a grand slam off of Danny Graves?

Was it when Aaron Heilman showed his face on the PNC mound?

Or perhaps ... was it when Carlos Delgado got himself "set" to field that Andy LaRoche grounder and instead did his best impression of a bullfighter?

Or did you get nervous the moment I did, when the team plane hit the tarmac in Pittsburgh?

Luckily, Argenis Reyes knows that when it's Delgado backing up on a grounder, he should take nothing for granted. And luckily, all of Aaron Heilman's pitching problems didn't cause him to forget how to cover first on that play ... which helped to save the Mets in their 2-1 win (yes, I believe Heilman should split that third save with Argenis. You can have 2.5 sacks, why not 2.5 saves?)

But Heilman still had to get Jack "Slugger" Wilson to end the game as the winning run. Were you nervous then? C'mon, it was Jack Wilson! He had only hit two dingers in a game once before. And once again ... this was Jack Wilson we were talking about.

Oh just admit it ... you were nervous. Admission is the first step.


Unser said...

I got scared when Adam La Roche connected on what looked like a line-drive single to right off Feliciano in the bottom of the 8th. I even said "Tie game" to my wife. The stars must have been properly aligned last night.

kennyd said...

I have become so practiced at holding my breath when the Mets bullpen comes in the game that I bet I can challenge Michael Phelps for all his gold.

MetFanMac said...

You've gotta stop scaring me like that! (I check here for game results when Sabbath's over.)

Maybe Argenis should be moved to the bullpen when Castillo returns. I'll bet he can pitch as well as any of those [censored]s, and much better than Siegheilman.