Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pacifiers For Everyone

All right, our bullpen is awful. Yada, yada, yada. We know this. We know that the force of Mike Jacobs' home run was enough to knock Gustav down to a Category 2. We know this. I for one am not going to let Saturday's loss distract me from my focus right now ... and that's this:

Cody Ross needs to shut the f**k up.

Sorry to be so blunt, but I'm in the midst of working five straight holiday shifts and I'm kinda in a mood. So I'm taking my anger out on Cody Ross. Displaced anger? Probably. Sound familiar? Yeah, kind of like Cody Ross got unnecessarily uppity at Mike Pelfrey for hitting him with a fastball that ran inside while Ross was on top of the plate?

Oh, and then to top it off, wait to yell at Pelfrey until there were people in between Ross and the much bigger Pelfrey (they do call him "Big Pelf" for a reason)? Oh, what bravery. I mean, look at the picture above ... Cody's gotta get on his tippy toes to yell at Pelfrey. Dude, trust me ... if Pelfrey wanted to hit him, he'd know it.

I don't know what made Cody Ross upset, and frankly ... I could care less. He's just another one of the many whiny hypocrites we have here in the NL East. This division is flippin' loaded with them. Let's start with Jimmy Rollins and his constant yammering about how the Mets celebrate. Does it get play? Of course it did. It's fun to pick on the Mets for celebrating. But let me ask you this, is there anybody out there who noticed J.C. Romero stepping off the mound pounding his chest like King Kong ain't got nothin' on him after striking out Geovany Soto Saturday in the eighth inning? I sure as hell did. But you're not going to hear anybody complain about that, are you? So I'm the one that's going to have to do it. So settle down, Denzel. And the next time Rollins complains about the Mets celebrating, I'd be glad to show him the tape of his friend and teammate.

And much the same, nobody is going to take Cody Ross to task for his little fake temper tantrum on Saturday, so again ... I gotta be the one to do it. Obviously, Ross was waiting for Miguel Olivo to race out of the dugout and come to his defense ... not realizing that Olivo is in Kansas City with his own anger management issues. But to no avail. Then he goes and gets picked off (no truth to the rumor that Carlos Delgado was heard asking "Hey, Cody, tell me how my glove tastes" after that pick-off) and he wasn't a factor after that during the game.

Trust me, I know we lost. My anger towards Ross is magnified by my resentment of the Mets bullpen right now for making everything I wrote above basically toothless because they went and blew the game. But to me, hypocrisy is a bigger issue than one game. So thank you for letting me vent (because nobody else will). Now I can sleep easy.


James Allen said...

And on a side note (not that the Mets would've scored anyway, because after Friday's rousing victory they went back to theie old way of scoring early and going to sleep), I will say this once again: Walking the bases loaded in a situation such as last night is stupid. It's always been stupid. It was stupid when Valentine did it against the Braves in the 99 NLCS, and it's just as stupid now. Managers are just plain idiots when it comes to this. Jacobs BA is .243, Willingham's OBP is .368 (remember, walking the bases loaded simply gives the other team one more way to beat you.) On top of that, Jacobs is more likely to strike out. I know the situation is not in your favor, but that does not excuse making it worse.

schneck said...

I had heard a rumor that Kenny Rogers and Aaron Heilman had struck up a frienship and that Rogers had been coaching Heilman now that he has some spare time. This game certainly confirms it.

Unser said...

Ross's beef was an obvious attempt to get his team fired up. And Jacobs comes running out there like Bernardo in West Side Story . . . please.

On a more important note, you can never walk the bases loaded with this bullpen. They walk too many guys.

But how about Stokes? I'm most comfortable with him right now.

Floyd Youmans said...

Sleep Easy Metsra...we'll get em today. Btw was there a problem with pitchers getting the calls? Because Howie was calling the 9th like every pitch was borderline.

Charity said...

I think its funny that Ross has to stand on his tippy toes to yell at Schnieder :) Seriously, you're going to yell at Schnieder? Thats like yelling at the nice man who opens the door at the mall for you. I just can't imagine B Schnids doing anything mean!

Anthony said...

The phrase is "I couldn't care less."
I could care less implies that you care.

It's a common mistake - like being a Mets fan.