Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On Second Thought ...

Cancel that order for Will Ohman.

And if Luis Ayala goes on to become a huge bust here in New York, let it be known that at the very least, his very first pitch as a New York Met not only brushed a hitter back (a novel treat for a Met), not only brushed back an Atlanta Brave, but started a sequence where a Met reliever put water on a fire and not gasoline.

And it made possible an eighth inning rally to put the wraps on a home win for the Mets over Atlanta.

Somehow I get the feeling that after those three very uncommon occurrences, that I should play the lottery like, immediately.


Rickey Henderson said...

Ah, Rickey is savoring last night's sweet sweet victory over the Bravos.

Demitri said...

This refers to last nights post. What are Braves fans trolling here anyway? I recognize the psychotic, unbalanced Yankee fan's posts as pure acts of terrorism, (bwah bwah bwah!) but what would a normal well-adjusted fan of Atlanta's National League Baseball team be doing here on any given day.

I can only speak for myself, but the likelihood of ending up on a Braves or Phillies blog is about the same as logging into an Al Qaida recruiting site.

Great win for the Mets. Nice to see another team's bullpen ignite and catch fire, and burn to the ground.

schneck said...

I see the Mets got Al Reyes. I like the new strategy. Once they scoop up all the Reyes's in baseball, they will move onto the Wrights.