Sunday, August 24, 2008

David Newhan Has Sent You an E-Card

Saturday night was the sixth anniversary of a very painful event in this Met fan's life. Six years later, I celebrated it by returning to Shea with one of the very same people that I was with that night. How did David Newhan celebrate? By reminding me that the world still spins on its axis. What kind of world would it be if former Mets didn't return to Shea to beat up their former team? You know how bad Newhan's production was last season? I saw over half if it live. And I didn't go to that many games last season. Now he comes to Shea as an Astro and he's Wade &^#%$@ Boggs. It's unbelievable, yet typical at the same time.

And a Happy Donne Wall Day to you. Hope you got your shopping done, and hung your Jason Jennings press clippings by the chimney with care.


Anonymous said...

the Donnie Wall post might be the greatest blog post ever. seriously. i laughed. i cried. it was much better than cats.
-- dave

The Phan said...

Nice blog. Should be a good race for the NL East.

I'm going to the Mets/Phils game on Tuesday. Should be a good game!