Sunday, August 17, 2008

While You Were Out

So here I am in the Meadowlands thinking I was going to be far away from any bullpen problems the Mets would have (and as I saw courtesy of my DVR, they indeed had their problems before finally winning.) But when Paul Raymond dropped what would have been the winning touchdown against the Redskins, and Mike Nugent hit the upright on a field goal at the buzzer (who the hell plays for the tie in a pre-season game ... oh, right. It's the Jets) can you blame me for thinking that Raymond and Nugent were kidnapped, tied up and left in the upper tank of the Meadowlands, and replaced by Aaron Heilman and Scott Schoeneweis? I mean, the Jets closed out that game as if they were ... well, the Mets. Can you be positive that didn't happen? Maybe that wasn't Heilman warming up in the bullpen in the ninth in Pittsburgh. Maybe it was a C.I.A. operative. Maybe it's part of the intricate plot to keep Billy Wagner on the disabled list for a few extra days. Uh-oh, I've said too much.

At least the Phillies lost. And Brett Favre looked good. Not quite Pedro Martinez good, but good. Conspiracies aside, not a bad day.


Anonymous said...

And I hope that with seeing #4 in a Jets uniform doesn't give you strange thoughts that they are the better team in that Stadium?
First dig of the year...sorry...

P.S. The Mets are still in first?

tim said...

I hope that is not a harbinger for things to come as far as Mangini's coaching decisions go. It just didn't make any sense. The only thing it did was probably eat at Nugent all night and probably today. If they go for the TD and don't get it, the only guy who feels bad is Raymond, and he probably won't make the practice team so who cares, Farve was good Ratliff is your #2 and you move on.

It was a Randolphian decision.

Relax about the bullpen, it was mostly Kunz and if everything goes the way it should tonight, he'll be on the bus back to Bingo, where he belongs, at least for another year.

MetFanMac said...

"Relax about the bullpen."

Aug. 18: 5 R, 3 IP.