Monday, August 11, 2008

Symphony, Tragedy, And Cutlery

You ever get the feeling that the Mets bullpen could be a ride at Disneyworld?

Seriously, I know people that have been on the tower of terror so many times that it bores them. The Mets bullpen is the new Tower of Terror. Guaranteed to slay your spirit.

This may have topped 'em all. A Pirate team in town for one game on a rainout make up game ... a team that was 1-348 on the season when they give up the initial lead on the road, and was down 4-1 to Pedro Martinez and the Mets after six innings. It was a symphony.

Then came the bullpen. Tragedy.

And then the cutlery ... that needs to be kept out of my possession (along with all shoelaces and belts).

It's never good when the game plan of a bullpen is "Hey, let's not let Luis Rivas beat us!" But that's how they pitched to him ... like he was Luis Aparicio.

And you know what, silly me ... and silly everybody ... thinking that Aaron Heilman's problem is that he gets down on himself and mopey when he doesn't pitch important innings. Aaron Heilman's problem is that he stinks to high hell. There's no psychology involved. Freud can go back to his therapy couch in heaven and aim for a more realistic goal. There's nothing more he can do.

For the rest of them? If you subscribe to the theory that these clowns aren't successful because they're in the wrong roles with Wagner out ... a theory I don't subscribe to (poor babies), but if you do, then shouldn't Eddie Kunz, who's closed in the minors, be closing? But I don't know. I'm stupid to begin with, and I'm running out of answers. I just hope that the Mets relievers don't take side jobs as knife throwers in the circus. They'd kill people ...

... in the audience.


Keyser said...

Wow did this one hurt today. They all hurt, and I always say that "this is the worst", but then it gets a little worse.

The funny thing is, I think the Mets and Aaron Heilman are a victim of his previous success. If he had pitched badly as a reliever in 2005 and 2006, they probably would have put him back in the starting rotation at Triple A and/or with the Mets, and they would know by now one way or the other if he could cut it as a starter. However, because he did have success, they started to rely on him and now there appears to be no turning back.

Eric said...

How long till football starts?

Toasty Joe said...

"Aaron Heilman's problem is that he stinks to high hell."

Best Metstra analysis EVER.

Eric - see my blog.

Unser said...

Let's not forget about the AWFUL pitching turned in by Smith and Feliciano today. These guys walk hitters as if its all part of the plan.

What exactly is Manuel going to do to shake things up? Use Ruddy Lugo in the 8th and Carlos Muniz in the 9th? Even if he goes to Kunz in the 9th, he still has to choose two of these gas cans for the 7th and 8th.

Anonymous said...

Manuel says Kunz will get the save chance. And John Maine, after his next start and recovery time, will close after that until Wagner returns.

JMP said...

I think everyone in the bullpen is hurt. Put them on the DL and call up the B'mets 'pen.

All of them.

The Metmaster said...

I'm done. Finished for this year. They are not worth wasting my brain cells on. Farewell friends. See you in April. I'm hitting the road for an extended business trip, returning in September and will not miss this aggravation. When is Aaron Heilman eligible for the Hall of Hate? I can not believe the bullpen let another quality start go to waste. Do you know how much the Yankees would love our starting pitching? The only competition the two NY teams will have in October will be for tee times.

The Metmaster said...

One last rant. This from Heilman after today's game:
''You just keep going out there and keep battling. It's all you can do.''

Oh my God. Art Howe has taken over Heilman's body. Like the classic scene from the 1950's "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers", you'll see me in the middle of the Grand Central Parkway shouting, "They're here!" "They are among us!" "You fools!".

tommy_calzone said...

I don't know from soothsaying. I don't know anything about it.

But I KNOW that Lastings is gonna absolutely KILL us this week.

He's on fire right now, for the first time all season how fitting.

MetFanMac said...

Hey Metstra, where'd the Heil-ometer from earlier this season disappear to? I'd say it's firmly on red right now >:-(

Toasty Joe said...

The only good thing about yesterday's debacle is that something is going to change now. Heilman is either gonna be sent down, handed his release, or traded - whichever one it is, there's no way in hell we're going to be seeing him in a big spot, ever, ever again. Bank on that.

Ed in Westchester said...


Demitri said...

"Mets Suffer Stunning Defeat"

at this point, I don't think I can be stunned anymore. There's been way too many of these type of games this year. I wonder if the Mets are getting used to it.

I'd throw Kunz in there. Hell, he can't be any worse.

tim said...

I almost wish that Omar made the deal for Luis Ayala, only because it would be someone new to hate. Just as they did last year, the Mets look well on their way to missing the playoffs because of their bullpens. Why were we so worried about the outfield in the spring and then at the trading deadline. If a team scores 5 runs and gets a quality start from a mummy, they should win. Done deal.

tim said...

We were so worried about the outfield in the spring with Gomez and Milledge gone and Alou hurt. So worried at the deadline about the outfield again with Alou gone and Church MIA. I look back to the spring and remember saying "Matt Wise?, this team blows a 7 game lead in two weeks and you get me Matt Wise?" All the while they have a kid throwing rockets for them all spring in the face of Steven Register through rule V and they don't even try to work a deal for him when you have no space on the big team's roster.

Anytime a team scores 5 runs and gets a quality start they should win. The bullpen was the problem last September, and for all of 10 games it has been an inconsistent mess. The worst thing is Heilman isn't going anywhere, and he will see another big spot before the WEEK is over et alone the SEASON because THERE IS NO ONE ELSE!

Listen, Brett Farve's a Jet. That should be good for 10 wins and a playoff berth.

katherine said...

How did this happen to us? You know, watching sports is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not a bad problem that you carry around in your heart all evening, and wake up thinking about in the morning.

I don't think I can bear to watch the Nationals sweep us. Maybe I will just watch the Olympics instead. Last night I saw Jason Bay's sister pitch for the Canadian team - she is GOOD- I wonder what she's doing after the games?

Demitri said...

I was just prescribed Singulair for asthma, and the label warned about possible suicidal thoughts as a side effect.

I think that if the Mets haven't put me over the edge at this point, there's no way some medication is