Monday, May 29, 2006

Random Rants Just Before Game Time

Remember when I had no idea who Aaron Hathaway was?

Besides getting myself in trouble regarding pictures, it was my introduction to Mets minor league catcher Aaron Hathaway. I kind of forgot about him after that...and apparently, so did the Mets, and now, he's retired...temporarily.

As I read the article, I learned that the Mets value players with "higher ceilings", and I'm starting to think about how a guy like Billy Beane would love to have a guy like Hathaway in his organization...not necessarily because he possesses the on base percentage that Beane loves, but because he sees a minor leaguer who is the exact opposite of what Beane was...a "high ceiling guy", and would no doubt love an opportunity to turn him into a player and embarrass his former organization yet again (does Jason Isringhausen for Billy Taylor ring a bell?)

Aaron Hathaway, Oakland's next star. You read it here first.


I read about Aaron Hathaway here first, and Adam Rubin also talks of Philip Humber, Matt Lindstrom, and calls Jose Lima the "John Smoltz of the International League"...kind of.

Good, he can stay there.


If you saw Sunday's game, then you knew about the Mike Jacobs T-shirt fiasco perpetrated by the Marlins. If you didn't, read what happened here, and prepare to shake your head.

This is what happens when you source Adam Sandler's Hanukkah song as "research".

In turn, the Mets plan to give away Orlando Hernandez bobblehead dolls in conjunction with Puerto Rican Heritage night.


And check out the feel good story of the day...Carlos helping Carlos. I'm ferklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.


jabair said...

David Wright should name his son Pro Player or his daughter Dolphin since he plays so well @ pro player/dolphin stadium

nLak..B) said...

Awww, Carlos helping Carlos. Ok, enough of the softie moment. TIME TO WIN!!!!

Minglet said...


whats not to love?

fromnexttothe Rebbe's shtender said...

Are their any jews on the Mets staff????...we used to have Arthur Richman...

Kermit said...

Reminds me of the exchange from "Airplane!":

"Would you like something to read?"

"Do you have something light?"

"Yes. How about this leaflet, 'famous jewish sports legends.'

"Yes, thank you"

Ed in Westchester said...

Reminds me of when David Cone hit it big, some people thought it was Cohen.