Friday, May 12, 2006

Ramblin' Man

Freestylin' on a host of topics:

Since "Angel-Gate", and the subsequent lack of justice afforded Julio Franco, it's legitimate to at least keep an eye on blue for future close calls that go against the Mets.

But let's not get too bent out of shape against last night's rain shortened defeat. Remember that it's the home team that has control of whether a game is played or not before the game starts, and it was "getaway day" for the Phillies as well as the Mets so the Phillies could have easily bagged the game for later. Add to that the fact that last night's game could have just as easily been a 2-0 Mets victory, at which point I doubt there would be too much consternation about waiting around for ninety minutes before going to Milwaukee. You could also bet that if it was a 2-0 Mets victory, Phillie fans would be calling for Charlie Manuel's head for deciding to try to get the game in. So yeah, it's a tough loss (is there a such thing as an "easy loss"?) but if the Mets miss the playoffs by one game, this isn't the game I point to.

Speaking of Phillies fans...

I understand that you hate everyone and everything. But I'm curious as to what you think about Bobby Abreu. Outside of maybe cash, I don't understand why the Phillies have been trying to get rid of a talent like Abreu, basically since last season's home run derby...and now the inevitable Yankee discussions have started now that Hideki Matsui's wrist is shattered. If a Bobby Abreu to the Bronx trade goes down, then there should be some heads checked in Philadelphia. It would be yet another example of a team solving its payroll problem without necessarily solving its baseball problems by bailing out the Yankees.

If the Phillies are going to wheel Bobby Abreu, they should treat it as the Marlins would treat a Dontrelle Willis to the Mets trade...ask for the world. The last thing I want to see is another David Justice for Ricky Ledee trade (which helped the Yankees beat the Mets in 2000). Don't not ask for Philip Hughes just because you have enough good pitchers in your farm...because you never have enough good pitchers in your farm. So if you're going to do this, and raise the white flag on a season where you've just beaten the Mets 2 of 3 and are only three games back, then do it right.

Then again, if you are stupid enough to trade Bobby Abreu...anywhere...and help the Mets this season in the process, then so be it. Even if Bobby Abreu does become a Yankee (which I don't think he will when it's all said and done), it isn't going to break my heart.

Alfonso Soriano? That's another story.


Jaap Stijl alerts us to a giveaway night in Milwaukee while the Mets are in town...Saturday is Derrick Turnbow bobblehead night, and all bobbleheads have lifelike hair. Jaap also asks this question:
"When will the Mets hold the Jose Lima Crazy Orange Hair Bobblehead Night with the exploding Bobblehead?"
Well Jaap, you're closer than you think. This was hard to obtain, but my crack staff has obtained a prototype straight from Jeff Wilpon's look for this giveaway at the next homestand:

It doesn't explode, but it comes with braidable hair, it's own gray suit, and a fedora. And when it hears salsa music, it sings, dances, and hugs your cat.

P.S. I'm sensing a solid outing for Lima Time tonight.


Ian said...

I'm ready for the big no-hitter. Then, before the smoke clears, Omar trades Lima to Baltimore for Anna Benson, who then goes to the A's for Marco Scutaro, who goes to the Orioles for Kris Benson, who's now free to marry Lima's wife, who is not only better looking but less obnoxioius, and Benson goes on to win 19 for the Mets.

Jaap said...

I can't say much for Philly save for that one writer - Bill Conlan. He's one of the best sports writers in America I read. Why don't you do a bit on rain out nights about America's Best Sports Writers? And why isn't there more aggravation about Wagner letting Willie save his arse? Now it's gonna have to be the first time when the games mean something, next time Mets are in Philly...

Ian said...

And there goes the no-no. Damn.

Darth Marc said...

The Indians also got Jake Westbrook in that Justice trade. So it's not as if they got nothing from the Yanks. Worked out pretty well for both teams.