Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Peek Into The Notebook

The Metstradamus staff has obtained an exclusive copy of tonight's entry into Carlos Delgado's notebook, written after the Mets' 5-1 loss tonight:

Dear Diary,

Tonight was very special to me. Tonight my new team went to Miami to play my old team, the Marlins. Of course, my teammates looked to me to give them the inside track on tonight's starter, Josh Johnson. Unfortunately, I had to ask Ron Darling about him because I had no idea he was my teammate. I was too worried about not booting the next grounder that came my way so I had no idea who was on the mound. I think Josh Beckett was my teammate...yeah, he's the guy that never shaved and went around yelling at everybody. Or was that Burnett? I don't know. Anyway, Darling wasn't really very helpful. He told me Johnson had a good fastball. Thanks, Ron.

My teammates also depended on me to find them the best food while we were here in Miami since I played here. I took the guys to Versailles downtown and everyone had a huge sandwich except Pedro, Paulie, and Beltran. Duaner had two sandwiches, and a big heaping bowl of rice. He must have been hungry.

I liked playing in Miami very much...the fans used to dress in these great costumes. But they weren't very original...after a while, everyone just started dressing in the same tired "empty seat" costume. The ushers, on the other hand, dress up like Jimmy Buffett. But it was great today...if it wasn't for the big "MICOSUKEE" sign in left, I would have thought we were at Shea Stadium today with all the people chanting "Let's Go Mets". But they were still dressed as empty seats. Some things never change.

David Wright got a day off today. The rest of us got two hits off of this kid who was allegedly my teammate last year. I fear that poor David might never get a day off ever again. Pedro was outstanding, but we couldn't string together any hits for him...just two all game! I myself was 0 for 4 with two strikeouts against this guy that I allegedly played with last season...although I still have no recollection of this. Heck, I've already forgotten about Jeremi, and he's only been gone about six hours.

All in all, my triumphant return wasn't what I thought it would be. We lost 5-1, and I didn't get the standing ovation for the months of service I put in here. Heck I didn't even get booed! It was like they forgot I was there. Well I forgot that this kid Johnson was my teammate so I guess we're even. At least the sandwiches were very good...perhaps too good. Duaner had two and he gave up three runs and made a throwing error. If I was at first base, it would have been an out. But Kaz was covering on a bunt and he's half my size. If I were Duaner, I'd skip the big meal from now on.

Well, we got Dontrelle tomorrow. Dontrelle was my teammate last season...I remember that much. I didn't have to field a lot because Dontrelle struck everyone out so I remember him. Thank goodness I don't have to go to Ron Darling to find out about this guy. I would have just went back to the team and told them that Dontrelle had a good fastball and I would have been laughed out of the clubhouse. I wonder if he'll be my teammate again before long? I hope so. It's that much less I have to field...and errors are bad. But Dontrelle is good. It's a good thing that Willie is already sitting me against him so I don't have to make up some ludicrous story about my sandwich poisoning me so I can't play on Saturday.

But it's great to be back in Miami to see all of my old teammates...all two of them. I still don't count this kid Johnson. He couldn't have been my teammate. Someone is going to have to prove this to me.

Until tomorrow,



beezermess said...

The Blog is coming.....LOL

Metstradamus said...

You need a catchier title.

jabair said...


notice to all teams: if you wish to beat the mets, call up your unknown minor league pitchers...

looking for the perfect "nom-pressure" opportunity to break in a minor league pitcher?? do it against the mets and i'll guarantee that your pitcher will look like cy young and your scouting and development departments will look smarter than NASA..

this plan only works against the mets!!! try it against any other team and you will look like a bunch of morons!!