Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Truth Is Left Handed

Bob Sebra.

Justin Thompson.

Tyler Green.

Junior Herndon.

Brad Halsey.

William Van Landingham.

The Mets have been shut out (at least partially) by pitchers much worse and much less successful than Mark Mulder.

But it doesn't lessen the hurt of coming up empty after loading the bases with one out in the ninth. Why can't Steve Trachsel match Mark Mulder zero for zero? Why can't David Wright come up big in every situation? Why can't Cliff Floyd get on track and hit a line drive with two outs in the ninth?

Hey, Trachsel was fairly phenomenal against St. Louis, considering the problems he's had in the past few starts. And how can you get on David Wright after a 2 for 4 night?

Cliff? He's hurtin'. Don't know what...don't know how...but something about him is not correct. You can only put your car through so much before it stops running. And Cliffy it seems has taken his Dodge Dart of a body on too many cross country trips, which have included a few ill advised spinouts on major highways, and too many sideswipes on cross streets. He's getting a few hits here and there, and again...and there's no shame in an oh-fer against Mulder and Generation Isringhausen. But I have this sinking feeling that on national television, Cliff Floyd is going to collapse in a heap of body parts, where his ligaments and tendons will be transplanted into the arms of certain pitchers (I hope Cliff signed his organ donation card).

Speaking of sinking feelings, guess what time it is mere hours from now?

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.


elliot said...

Today's game is of historical significance. When Lima faces Pujols, we will have a guy who may very well be the worst pitcher ever facing someone who's on pace to be the best hitter ever. Since this is The Soothsayer's blog, I'm going to go out on a limb and make a prediction of my own.

Jose Lima will strike out Albert Pujols three times.

All in the first inning.

Metstradamus said...

The Soothsayer thanks you for the effort. But Tony Larussa fears Jose Lima en Vivo, and is sitting Pujols. Can't say that I blame him.