Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Guilty Pleasures And Whammies

Why must one shoulder the weight of the world on his shoulders full of guilt?

Because a game was won on an error?


Mets fans are long past that kind of guilt.

Why feel guilty? You make your own breaks. Julio Franco's walk (which brings him one step closer to cult hero status if he's not there already...good eye, egg whites!) put the winning run on base, and Jose Reyes' single moved him to second. So why shouldn't the Mets take advantage of the inaptitude of others when so many other National League teams took advantage of Mike Piazza's arm for years?

Why feel guilty? Remember kids, good teams win games like this. Bad teams lose 'em.

The Mets are a good team. Washington? They scored one run off of Victor Zambrano. How good can they be really?

I guess that's where the guilt comes in. I feel guilty about not giving Victor Zambrano his due when he pitches well. And Victor pitched well tonight. Even when he got into trouble, he got out just as quickly. Perhaps Victor is finally turning a corner. But in Victor's neighborhood, turning away from a dark alley usually puts him on a dark street. We'll see, as Rick Peterson no doubt has a GPS tracking system in Zambrano's cap, keeping close watch on his every move.

Unfortunately, Peterson also put the same tracking system in a bunch of squirrels.


Actual paraphrased conversation between myself, and the poster you know as "The Metmaster":

Me: You know Kaz Matsui has been...

MM: Ah ah ah! Don't say it!

Me: Decent.

MM: No! Don't say it!!!

Me: What's wrong with saying decent? I'm not spinning the wheel of adjectives here!

It's amazing how many of us battle inner whammies and demons to the point where Kaz Matsui can't even garner a compliment. But I can't blame Mets fans for being cautious.

I will remind you all as I reminded Metmaster on this, the occasion of Kaz basically winning his job back: He's hitting .293. And...

(caution, whammy ahead)

No errors.

Hey, credit due, credit given.

But it's all over now. The errors come in bunches now. You've been warned.


Anonymous said...


please do something with that graphic!

The Metmaster said...

Good God man, what have you done??!! You've released the genie from the bottle. For Matsui-san I predict errors a-plenty, pathetic waves at curveballs, baserunning blunders and another injury. I see the showers and toilets backing up at Shea, emergency landings at LGA, unusual tides in Flushing Bay, and when they break ground for the new stadium the construction gang will unearth and disturb some ancient Indian burial ground for unlucky and cursed members of the Iroquois nation.
I am the Phil Esposito of posters, as superstitious as they come. Notable winning streaks cause me to wear the same clothes for days at a time. Certain chairs in my house take on unearthly powers. Some chairs are to be sat in only to bring down failure to my enemies (Yankees, Dolphins, USC, Darth Marc). Other chairs are sat in only when miracles are needed (Mets, Jets, Notre Dame, Darth Marc getting laid)
Blaspheme no more Metstradamus! You are tempting the fates!

Metstradamus said...


Say no more.

jabair said...

Metmaster!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

thanx for speaking my mind so eloquently...

Kyle in Newport News said...

Okay, so when was the last time a Mets' starting pitcher began a game by surrendering consecutive doubles to two players named Marlon? Or, as you're a soothsayer, I should ask when will be the next time this happens?