Monday, May 15, 2006

Doomed By The Pink Bat

Check out Yahoo's blurb written about the Milwaukee Brewers during their preseason preview...

"Everyone's chic playoff sleeper is about a year away. Give Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks time to develop on the right side of the infield, and give Doug Davis, Chris Capuano and Derrick Turnbow time to prove they were more than one-year wonders."
Nowhere in that preview did I read: "Second Incarnation of Harvey's Freakin' Wallbangers coming to a stadium near you". But alas, Prince Fielder became Cecil Cooper; Damian Miller became Ted Simmons; and Bill Hall became Robin Yount before our very eyes this weekend.

And today, they wallbanged with special Mother's Day edition pink bats.

Can you imagine Gorman Thomas with a pink bat?

But it's a shock that the entire Mets pitching staff hasn't gone on the disabled list with whiplash after turning to watch all those baseballs fly out of the park...nine in the three game series. And guess who's next, folks! Why, it's Albert Pujols! And he's capable of hitting nine in three games all by himself!!! Goody.

So is it time to panic yet? Well every team goes through ebbs, flows, peaks, valleys...and right now is low tide. But with St. Louis, the Yankees, and the Phillies coming up, now is no time to put holes in the lifeboat. And here is a suggestion for our boys in blue and orange: When Jose Valentin goes Ty Cobb on everyone and burns his former organization (even though he was a part of that organization five uniforms, three or four managers, one ballpark, and one ownership group ago...not to mention having played with the Brewers when they were an American League franchise) with six hits and six RBI's in two games, it's best not to waste such efforts.


Anonymous said...

Not even us Brewer's Fans were expecting the HR's, but we are enjoying them.

Jaap said...

Cheers for the props the other day Metsra -

I don't feel any panic yet. It's a long season which will have highs and lows over and over again. The only real question is how low will they go (said sotto voce) -

I really wish I could be in NYC for the Subway Series. I envy those of you who will be.

fredster said...

Did you really get a letter from the Umps' union? E-me.

jabair said...

love the hate list..LOL