Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rising In The Standings While Dropping Like Flies

"Amazin." It's more than just a slogan, it's a way of life.

Think about what has transpired: Bangor Maine, Sunday's starter, gets placed on the disabled list and Bartolome Fortunato takes his spot. Jose Lima Time is told to get ready to start for the Mets on Sunday, with another move pending.

Then, Victor Zambrano strikes out three of the first four batters he faces, and then slinks away looking like he's about to cry with a fairly serious elbow problem. Looks like the other move has been made to make room for Lima Time. Darren Oliver comes in and holds the fort against Atlanta to help out a tired bullpen, and when it's all said and done, Armando Junior...of all people...notches himself a win and a save...all in a matter of 16 hours.

"Paging Mr. Pelfrey...Mr. Michael Pelfrey, white courtesy phone."

Maybe instead of "Amazin" the slogan should be: "Inexplicable."

By the way, I've had requests for a "Games we would have lost last year" counter. Frankly, the title is too long and there's no marketing possibilities in long titles. But count today's victory in that particular counter. This game would have been lost in the ninth last doubt about it. But it wasn't without some Armando-like tendencies from Jorge Julio. He did his best to give everyone a heart attack by giving up a run in the ninth and putting the tying run on third base with two outs and Edgar Renteria and his 22 game hit streak at the plate.

Yeah, last year, the Mets lose this game, especially after Zambrano, in a start where he needed to help out his bullpen and go six or seven, instead gets four outs. But this year, they win. I wish I can give you a good answer why. Because by all rights and purposes, Darren Oliver, Pedro Feliciano, and Jorge Julio sound like castoffs from last year's bullpen. But against the Braves in a series where the Mets needed to stomp on this team and let them know that the road to the division goes through Queens this season, these three along with Chad Bradford got it done, and got Country Time and Filthy some rest in the process.

But the fun doesn't end there, oh no my friend. Because Sunday, Siete de's Lima Time.

Inexplicably Amazin'.


Cats hide their illnesses better than dogs and humans.

So apparently, does Zambrano.
"I kind of knew that might happen, I knew to be ready. We talked a couple of days ago. I didn't know how serious it was." -Darren Oliver

Willie Randolph, you know...the manager, was apparently unaware of the problem. Darren Oliver had a better idea of Victor's injury than the manager of the club.

That thud you heard was Zambrano's trade value hitting the bottom of the ocean.



Best ERA in the National League headed into Friday.

First place in the division by a healthy amount.

A winning percentage of seven hundred even.

You'd think the Mets would get a bit of respect and care in the press. Instead, we get this:



I know, it's the New York Post...spelling is optional. But c'mon now! I've never known them to get "Sturtze" wrong.

Just more Yankee bias if you ask me.


jabair said...
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jabair said...

DEGALDO??? who do they have as a proof reader?? GEORGE W. BUSH??

here is something that bothers me about the post, the daily news, and the newsday websites (this may also be the case @ other news websites but the above mentioned sites are the ones i visit frequently) :

on all 4 sites, the SKANKS are listed before the mets... dude.. i can understand if the SKANKS and the mets were in the same league or division and whoever has the lead is listed first in the navigation menus.. but the SKANKS are in a different league and technically speaking, the Mets should be listed before the SKANKS.. because M comes before S or Y...

didnt these people grow up watching sesame street??

living on the west coast, online resources are the only way i can keep up with whats going on with the mets and this has bothered me ever since ive been online.. thanx for touching a nerve with me metstra..

can someone call these pr!cks and question their logic behind this??

somebody has got to call them out on this

Tommy_Calzone said...

I was out at Shea yesterday and seeing Zambrano run off the mound like that was the weirdest thing.

This will save lots of ink or font as it were this season with VZ being gone for the year.

Hopefully Lima steps it up!

Bring on the Philthies!

Anonymous said...

The Mets are holding tryouts for 4th and 5th starters right after the game today. This is open to all comers. Anyone who does not have elbow problems, sore middle fingers or pulled hamstrings are eligible. Please study the Brewers line up. They will be your first start. We will try to have the team give you some run support.
Thank you
Mets Management

Anonymous said...

Great win yesterday as it is becoming clearer everyday that the ball is bouncing in the Mets favor this year. "Lima Time!" will allow us a brief salsa-antics comedy relief that will make Pedro dance in the dugout and give us a relaxed and free-wheelin' attitude to further bolster our resurgent offense.
With the timely SEASON-ENDING injury to Zambrano, it certainly opens up the possibility of a return to the rotation of one Aaron Heilman. However, I think it would only be a last resort, and if it does, I wouldn't be suprised if Aaron is packaged in a deal for a bonafide starter for down the stretch. Zito, anyone?

brotherfred said...

Zambrano out for the year ... what a schizophrenic feeling. On second thought, how's Kazmir doing!?!

Jay Payton said...

The options in the rotation just got thinner. Could this force the Mets into a mid-season move in prep for the playoffs? As far as the bias goes....I don't know about this alphabetical order stuff....but they should be getting better press than what they're getting. The Mets are playing their best ball since the late 80's. With that said, don't forget both NY teams are in first place! The Mets may be more impressive but both are in front. Good for NY. The Mets have been so far out of it since 2000, perhaps the press is not taking it seriously or they're simply not used to this? Are you? No.

mr. met said...

Zambrano running off the field? LoDuca spiking the baseball? Bobby Cox harmlessly kicking some dirt between 2nd and 1st base after getting tossed?

Weirdest baseball weekend ever, but the Mets still came out smelling like roses as they take the series

albertsonmets said...

When categorizing Saturday's game as one, by all accounts, they should have lost you neglected to mention Hudson as the opposing pitcher.
The Mets absolutely stole one on Saturday. A good sign, I think.

warmsox said...

Last year Manny Aybar would have come in after Zambrano left.

And he would have gotten ROCKED.