Wednesday, May 03, 2006


The state of Maine has over 21,000 miles of public highways, exceeding the total mileage of any other New England state.

John Maine gave up a home run tonight that is still traveling and should reach 21,000 miles sometime Thursday afternoon.

Maine made his unspectacular Met debut tonight in a 6-2 loss to the Washington Nationals...punctuated by an Alfonso Soriano home run that landed in the green seats in left field. Ouch.

But the highlight of the night was the second career ejection for our dear Willie. Obviously, it takes an act the size of the county of Aroostook to rile Randolph up, and Mike O'Connor's strikeout of David Wright did it. O'Connor, who was in his second major league game, pitched an excellent game tonight in this battle of green pitchers...but the pitch that Jeff Nelson called Wright out on was by his ankles. And pitchers who are pitching in their second major league game shouldn't get calls like that. But O'Connor did, which makes me wonder if Jeff Nelson isn't the other Jeff Nelson. So Willie got mad and backed up his star. Randolph picks his spots, and in his first season was very cautious in terms of picking his spots. This season, with the Mets flying high, expect that to change. Of course, Mike Francesa will most likely spent tomorrow's 2:00 hour blasting Willie Randolph for arguing...after spending the 1:00 hour talking about the weather patterns which brought rain to Boston, and about his adventures in procuring Yankee mini-balls. Which brings me to some random rants:

The incomparable Matt Cerrone wonders why he listens to Mike and the Mad Dog.

Probably for the same reason that people who hated Howard Stern listened to him...they want to see what he'll say next.

I myself try to avoid them at all costs. But today was one of those days at work where Michael and the Angry Puppy were on the tube, and frankly I was too lazy to change the channel. So I left it on. And I'm sorry I did.

I actually heard Francesa tell a Yankee fan caller today that he was spoiled because he's "one of those fans who wants to see a .300 hitter at every position." This coming from a man who cried like a jilted bride when he found out Billy Wagner uses "Enter Sandman" as his song. Spoiled?

Francesa calling anyone spoiled is like Barry Bonds asking Moises Alou if he's put on a few pounds.

Speaking of which, isn't it shameful that ESPN's "Outside The Lines" Barry Bonds piece tried to compare what Roger Maris and Hank Aaron went through as they tried to pass Babe Ruth milestones to what Barry Bonds is going through, which is mostly self inflicted? Maris and Aaron's crimes were merely being talented baseball players. Then again, ESPN is the official network of Barry Bonds' side of the story so what should I expect?

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants two NFL teams for Los Angeles? Why not just move all 32 teams there, and play every game at the a bar league! Start 8AM on Friday morning, end at 3AM on Monday! This way the league can get four Monday night games a week, eight Thanksgiving games, and no fans.

Just give them the Jets and Giants. The Jets in Los Angeles should only lengthen my travel time to games by about a half an hour.


jabair said...

about time willie showed a backbone and stuck up for his players..

jabair said...

also, i get a funny feeling that our mets are about to slow down a bit here going into may...

the offense is slowing down and the amazing run by the bullpen is probably going to falter a bit here..

Ed in Westchester said...

That call was awful. The pitch was not even close. Even Maddux never got one like that.
I am glad Willie showed the testicular fortitude to stick up for David. He should do it more often.

mr. met said... have some soothesayer competition.

This could get ugly. I say you two have dueling predictions and see who comes out on top.

mr. met said...

....or at the very least, see who can pee further.

Metstradamus said...


Actually, the one he got right was pretty impressive so I give mad props. There's room for more than one soothsayer.

I know I can pee further than him though.

jabair said...


i checked his blog out..
thats RC COLA vs COKE.. no competition...

mr. met said... nice..

By the way, which soda are you saying is beter? A true Met fan has a special place in their heart for RC.

Metstradamus said...

Yeah, I rather liked RC.

Then again I also drank White Rock Cola so what do I know?

jabair said...

youre right about RC COLA.. bad analogy... i moved out west 15 years ago so i couldnt think of a store brand cheap soda available back east..

lets just say its pathmark or key foods (are they still around) brand soda vs COKE..

im turning out to be a bit of a soothsayer aswell... (check out my earlier post)

12 runners left on base against the worst team in the league, wagner blows a 2 run lead...
(those lead off walks in late innings always come back to bite you, unless ofcourse, youre the mets drawing them.. then it turns into a double play)

every time jose hernandez comes up to bat, i always get an icky feeling... its been this way for jose's entire career... everytime he comes up to bat against the mets late in the game, he pees on my parade, and he didnt fail tonight either..

im glad they ended up winning but what pisses me off is that this game sould never have gone into extra innings...

while im bitching about it, might aswell add that i had to put up with 12 innings of play by play by FSN pittsburg broadcast crew... tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber..

i missed fran healy..

you guys have no idea what out of market mets fans have to go through watching games on MLB.TV

why do small market broadcasters refer to their teams as "us" or "we"... dude.. youre a broadcaster, youre not part of the team..

jabair said...

and here comes the error parade for matsui.. it was just a matter of time.. baseball is governed by the averagidities.. the goddess of averages..

man, im bitter tonight!!!

mr. met said...

Yeah, I rather liked RC.

There was a time when RC Cola and waffle fries were the shizz-nizzle at Shea. Before Pepsi can in and ruined it all.

RC is a solid cola.

What ever happened to the waffle fries?

Metstradamus said...

I noticed that too Mike! The lower lever right field corner was by far the best concession stand in the stadium, between the waffle fries and the chicken fingers. They also had other multiple goodies. Last I checked, that stand was all redone. Bring back the waffle fries!!!

mr. met said...

Yeah, when I was kid, I used to house those fries. I must say the new crinkle ones are solid, but no waffle fries. Now that concession down in the right field corner blows.

I think the waffle fries are why I started liking the Mets more than the Yankees despite going to many more Yankee games.

Also funny about back in the dad (and everyone else's) pounding beers straight through the ninth and then driving the kiddies home. Classic stuff.

Metstradamus said...

Holy drunk driving Batman! I can remember my father getting lost in Flushing Meadow Park after a game and tried to get to Queens Blvd. by going through the three foot high wooden stakes. Not around them mind you, through them...multiple times.

Anebriation...for all, or for some?