Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It's Hard Out Here For A Pipp

You're Xavier Nady.

You've waited your entire career to become a starter. Not only do you become an every day player, you do so after a trade to the New York Mets, who become the first place New York Mets. And just when things are humming along...you have to have an emergency appendectomy and be placed on the disabled list for at least one month. And if that's not enough, the prized jewel of the organization is coming to replace you. The ghost of Wally Pipp surfaces.

How are you feeling at this moment X?


You're Victor Diaz.

At one point, in a not so distant past, it was between Xavier and yourself for the last outfielder spot. It was you who was thought to be in the picture of the future Mets outfield. Now, when it seems that your break has finally arrived, and Nady is out of said picture, it's Lastings Milledge and not yourself that steps inside the frame. Oh, and that sound you heard was your trade value hitting the core of the earth.

How exactly are you feeling right now Victor?


You're Omar Minaya.

You have one chip that you've been dangling to try to pry a starting pitcher. Sure you've been saying that he's not going anywhere...but everybody says that. In reality, you take nothing off the table and as well you shouldn't. Well now out of necessity, the chip is coming up to the show (where the towels are so absorbent) in full view of everyone. The value of your chip will never be as high as it is right now...it can only go down from here. Well, it can go up...but if it goes up, are you really going to trade him at that point?

Do you have a plan B, Omar?


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Unser said...

Well done. You're cracking me up over here.

Let's also add "It's Hard Out Here For a Kepp" - Matsui has become the Shea whipping boy again, hitting .200, Jeff Keppinger is hitting .280 at Norfolk, after hitting over .300 last year (before he broke his knee), and yet the Mets' brass decides to platoon 36 year old journeyman Jose Valentin and utility-man Chris Woodward at second.

kyle in newport news said...

Why isn't Darren Oliver in the rotation?

G-Fafif said...

I'm guessing nobody else will have your headline tonight.

I've gotta throw a sweater on 'cause it's giving me chills.