Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reversing The Chicken And The Egg

"When you have a pitcher who has 17 walks in 17 innings, you have to play good defense." -Snoop Manuel (paraphrased), after the Mets latest loss to the Nationals.
That may be the stupidest thing uttered by anybody on Planet Earth since spring training started.

Although it was pretty funny when Omar Minaya was in the SNY booth on Tuesday night (no Doc Halladay spin control there ... puuuuuuuuuure coincidence) talking about "Oh, Jeff Francoeur is a great player, we can mold Jeff Francoeur, we traded for Jeff Francoeur with confidence", and right at that moment ...

"Francoeur drops the ball!!!"

And Omar Minaya went silent like he was about to morph into Herbert Morrison ... "Oh the humanity!"

And I thought that was going to be the funniest thing I heard all night until Snoop blamed the defense for Oliver Perez's existence. Yeah, it's Jeff Francoeur's fault that he was daydreaming about throwing the winning touchdown for Parkview High School while Perez is throwing ball after ball after ball after ball to a team that was once compared to a drunk, desperate bar dweller who looks like Jennifer Lopez at 4 in the morning.

Yup. That's what it's come to. John Lannan only needed two hours to defeat the Mets back in June. On Tuesday, he needed ten more minutes ... ten minutes that was taken up by Perez and his hundred walks.

But yeah, let's blame the defense. Way to push the right buttons, Snoop.

I mean, silly me for thinking that pitchers need to keep their fielders on their toes by working fast and throwing strikes for all these years. Apparently, it's the defense that continually needs to bail out a pitcher that can't find the plate. Yeah, we need better defense. That's it.

Perhaps we need a better manager.

I never thought I'd be privy to something as stupid as the time when Art Howe played the infield in while losing by seven runs in the eighth inning against the Dodgers. Snoop's post-game newser came damn close.

Damn close.

(Editor's note: It's 4AM and Lou Dobbs is looking a lot like Jennifer Lopez. I need some sleep.)


King Metropolitan said...

Since we're all a little agitated this morning, here's to Tony Bernazard taking off his shirt and challenging the Binghamton Mets to a fight.

All we need now is Livan Hernandez to play the infield.

Schneck said...

Well, at least now we understand the Mets usual defensive problems. If a guy does not walk 17 guys in 17 innings, Manuel preaches that defense is not important. Also, at what point does offense become important?

On another note, whether it is a Daily News witch hunt or not, I hope all of the recent bad press puts enough pressure on the Mets to ditch Bernazard. The guy is a cancer.

James Allen said...

To paraphrase something I just heard over the radio, because of the recent Paul McCartney concerts, there have been more hits at Citi Field the last few days than there has been when the Mets were there all this month.

Not a great joke, but still a point made.

(Cue the song "Help!")

nutballgazette said...

I am a Yankee Fan but as a New York Fan I am embarrassed..
The New York Mets have become the biggest joke in all of sports making the Los Angeles Clippers at their worst look like a Classy well run orginization
The Cure, The Wilpons need to sell this club today, The New Owners then must fire everyone from Manaya all the way down to the ticket takers of the Pt St Lucie Class a Mets.
Then bring back some of the Mets of the 80s to 60s to restart the organization,
Rename the Home Field after Gil Hodges and make this a Mets Field with hints of the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants to honor NL Baseball in New York,
As I said I am a Yankee fan but I want to see a Competitive Mets team. It is so much fun that way

EB Knapp said...

I'd like to see the Mets be a winning team like everyone else. But never -- not when they are playing below .500 OR ABOVE .500 -- should we win at the expense of team integrity. Mets ownership and management have repeatedly and perhaps even maliciously, operated with power and greed in their frontal lobes. Time to kick them out and restore some values and heart back to the Mets.