Monday, July 27, 2009

Animals Sprouting Wings

The Mets won a series! I must go to a bar and celebrate. Perhaps I can get there on the back of one of those flying pigs I've been seeing the last couple of hours

Well good thing the Mets won the series in Houston on Sunday. You never know what could happen with Mike Scott looming for the next game.

Oh, no no. Thankfully the only Houston the Mets will be facing on Monday will be Huston Street, who hasn't walked anybody in about the same period of time that David Wright went without hitting a home run.

The Mets didn't need a home run today as they strung some hits together, including a shocking triple by Luis Castillo. It was shocking in its pure distance to the power alley from the lefthanded bat of Castillo ... clearly trying to overcompensate for the lack of dingers on this club.

What the Mets did need was for Livan Hernandez to not be the first human to be involved in a "Cars for Clunkers" transaction. He looked like he was going to the scrap heap after the first inning, when the Astros had a golden opportunity to get five or six instead of the three that they did get (while others were probably thinking the Mets were lucky to get out of that alive, I was thinking that Livan Hernandez still only got one man out with the two runners being thrown out and that his ERA should have been about 127.) But after the first inning, the Livanmobile still has a working engine. It might need a bobbie pin stuck in it to run (or a side of beef), but it's running, and it's safe for another day.

If nothing else, the series win might make us forget about the latest Tony Bernazard story. It shouldn't, but it might.


James Allen said...

Well, Omar finally fires Bernazard, and then, just in case things weren't completely screwy enough, calls out Adam Rubin for gunning for Bernazard's job, to which Adam calls back, "bullshit."

You can't make this stuff up. Who would want to make this stuff up? They actually outdid the bizarreness of the Randolph firing last year. Stunning. No, it's more than stunning, it is frickin' mind blowing.

mistermet said...

"If nothing else, the series win might make us forget about the latest Tony Bernazard story. It shouldn't, but it might."

After the soap opera story that played out this afternoon (and i'm not talking about the ones on NBC), i'm sure we will be hearing a lot more about Omar and less about the team. Sadly, the "New Mets" as Carlos Beltran called them, are going down in the PR version of a fiery plane crash.

This leads me to my next question...can the Wilpons find a REAL general manager? i guess time will tell. i feel embarrassed.

tommy_calzone said...

WTF happened today?

I thought Omar has looked very uncomfortable earlier in the week & worse today but WOW did not see THAT coming.

just when you can't come up with the next scripted comedy act from this organization.....ZING!

I mean W O W.
that press conference was pure crazytalk.

I don't know what else to say which is why I don't have a blog.....