Thursday, July 09, 2009

Conducting a Symphony of Kazoos

So why did Daniel Murphy sit in favor of Fernando Tatis?
"I want to get guys in a rhythm." -Jerry Manuel

He's not a manager, and he's not a gangsta. He's a bandleader now. By choosing to bench Murphy after a good start on Wednesday, he's got us all scratching our heads as to what exactly you have to do to stay in a major league lineup. Yup, it's spring training in July as Snoop continues to force feed Tatis to the world to "get him into a rhythm", as if making sure that Tatis can count in 4/4 time is a component to winning baseball.

Ladies and gentlemen, your manager: Ricky Ricardo.

"Oh Daaaaanieeeeeel, you're on the beeeeeeeench!"


Babaloo, baby.

It doesn't matter so much in the prism of tonight's game, as with Livan Hernandez's start tonight the 1927 Yankees only would have won 33 games (they won 109). But all the more reason to say: what does it matter? Let's reward our young player for getting himself a couple of hits and stealing a nut from a squirrel with that defensive play. What about getting Daniel Murphy in a rhythm? Or do we only care if Fernando Tatis is in rhythm while Murphy is hid in the back of the band playing the triangle? Doesn't it serve the long term interests of the club to develop Daniel Murphy into a legitimate option at first base and not just as trade bait in some ill advised deal which will set the team back another decade?

Or will playing Fernando Tatis keep those viewers tuned to SNY and keep those ticket sales flowing?

Seriously, how is it that a team that just put their 429th position player on the disabled list today can't find a spot for Daniel Murphy in the starting lineup every day?

But speaking of SNY, there was some good news tonight as for the first time all season (or at least that I saw), I could actually clearly see who was warming up in the visiting bullpen on an SNY's broadcast.

The bad news? It was Guillermo Mota.

Oh well. As tonight was the 40th anniversary of the closest a Met has ever come to a perfect game, why don't you check out what the '69 Mets are doing now, thanks to Sports Illustrated? (Hint: Throwing up while watching Livan Hernandez ... not on the list.)

Speaking of ill-advised trades which set the team back a decade ...


MetFanMac said...

Icing on the cake: Pedro Martinez has been signed by the Phillies. Wanna bet he goes on to throw a perfect game against the Mets?

OH MURPH said...

well said. absolutely absurd whats going on. How many times can you try to kill his psyche

Unser said...

I . . .totally . . . agree.

When I saw last night's starting line-up, I just started laughing. This is a joke. Tatis is a bench player - haven't we learned that by now?

I didn't see any quotes or post-game stuff, did someone question Jerry on this stupidity?

schneck said...

Is there anybody left that agrees with Manuel's crazy decisions? It's almost comical at this point. I'm not one to propose hypothetical trades but how about this: Tim Lincecum for any 23 non-injured Mets players of their choice. This way we get an amazing pitcher and we still get to keep two players for some continuity. said...

I love the title of this post.

scott from peekskill said...

When will someone start a "FIRE JERRY MANUEL" blog? He seems to be making more Mets fans upset than Willie Randolph did.

Can we can Jaerry on our next west coast swing?

kjs said...

Life my have been better for me through most of the 1970s if Nolan Ryan ACTUALLY liked wearing a NYM uni.
Where have you gone, Jim Fregosi?

Dan said...

I'm a Yankees fan, but I still try to remain objective about the Mets. Manuel has gotta go. Too laid back. And not in the good way of Joe Torre. I wouldn't wanna play for him.