Friday, July 17, 2009

Second Verse, Same As The First?

For those who didn't see the 4,927 commercials on SNY, Thursday night's return from the All-Star break was "Mets at the Movies" where you could have watched the game against the Braves at three different locations with three different big screens. And you couldn't have picked a better game for a screenwriter, what with the shunned facing the chosen yet tortured on the mound ... and the two guys traded for each other facing their former teams for the first time.

But while some of you were getting your popcorn ready, I'm glad I didn't waste my money watching this crap in a theater, because I thought the ending was too predictable. It was like Ski School 4 or Waterworld. I'll wait for the director's cut DVD release with the deleted scenes of Ryan Church flexing in a mirror and doing one armed push-ups on a rusty bar like Clubber Lang, and Snoop Manuel practicing his latest laugh for future post-game news conferences ... it's a cross between Vincent Price from Thriller and DeNiro from Cape Fear.

Funny that as we're looking for new members for our "Hall of Hate" (have you voted yet), sometimes there's nothing like a classic. And when you're talking about the original team of the damned, Larry Jones might be wearing the "C". He showed why ... again.

And it didn't take long for the Phillies to gain another game on the Mets, which would make them a Harry Potter movie to our King Ralph.


QueensGuy said...

The 14 folks who have voted for Albert Pujols have neither soul nor love of the game. The majority who have voted for Shane Victorino have no sense of history. I weep for our future. No, nevermind, it was just allergies.

number15 said...

for some unknown reason, i actually was in attendance at mets at the movies last night -- the nj location -- and don't know what i regret more; showing up in the first place or the decision that a $7 jumbo tub of popcorn was a suitable dinner choice. it wasn't all bad though. mr. met's sidekick girl was hot, and i also got a free tshirt that will never fit me. and metstra, i have to take exception to your point about the ending being predictable. i was sure that the mets would score a run in the ninth, making ryan church's run the game winner, but it wasn't in the script. so that was a twist

Dan said...

I just have to say: Great pic of Chipper and McCann.

kjs said...

Queens Guy---

When that list is released, I have a strong feeling that Pujols's use of certain substances will show he has no soul nor a true love of the game. The man is JUICED to the max.
He was also very gracious a la Jimmy Rollins in talking about the Mets at events in the DR in the winter of 2006--2007.

Victorino is a pig. And a teflon pig, at that, when you see the coverage of Jose Reyes---who has the audacity to smile. (Imagine if we got Orlando Hudson, who likes to smile, too---he'd be the next John Wayne Gacy in MLB and on the comical WFAN.)