Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Doctor Is Out

Boy am I glad I asked all these questions about the future. I seem to have been given the answers already. Allow me to quote myself (narcissism, you are my friend):
The first option seems to be the most likely option as reported by most, and that's the return of Omar and Snoop for 2010.
And apparently, the Wilpons have given both the "vote of confidence". Although we know how "votes of confidence" usually end up.
Are the Wilpons going to stop spending the way they did with Pedro and Beltran all together because now they have their shiny new ballpark?
The answer apparently is yes, as the Mets have reportedly turned down Doc Halladay in a trade for Fernando Martinez, Bobby Parnell, Jon Niese, and Ruben Tejada. So the prognosis for this team seems to be more of the same old, same old. Whether it's the right move or the wrong move to turn it down, it's the most horrible message to send to the fan base at the most horrible time.

You know this means that in three years the Mets are going to wind up trading Martinez, their number one jewel, for a disgruntled corner outfielder and a back-up catcher. With the Mets luck, that'll turn out to be a washed up Lastings Milledge and an injury prone Jesus Flores.

But hey, the Mets are over .500 with Frenchy on the team. Hooray.
I don't know Tony Bernazard, but everything I read about him tells me that I shouldn't trust him as far as I could physically, or even mentally, throw him.
Yeah, we got that answer too:
"The scouting community has been abuzz with an account of Mets VP Tony Bernazard going into a profanity-laced tirade directed at the organization's manager of baseball operations at Citi Field, which left witnesses in the section behind home plate aghast. According to two sources, scouts had settled in a row behind the plate during a recent game. Bernazard arrived and found a Diamondbacks scout sitting in the seat he wanted. When Bernazard's underling suggested that the Mets VP wait until the end of the half-inning to change the seating arrangement in order to minimize the disruption, Bernazard went ballistic in a rant against his Ivy League-educated deputy."
Not for nothing, but where I come from a profanity laced tirade can get you fired. Wonder if this one gets Tony Bernazard promoted.

Seriously, how much more evidence can hit you in the face before you finally call a doctor to fix the broken bones?

(Oh wait, the Mets have already told the doctor to stay in Toronto.)


Joe Cook said...

...so the Halladay story now apparently was bogus. But the Mets have been part of bogus stories before (see: the Curious Case of Sidd Finch). This Halladay one was unique in that it was completely believable. There's no real reason to doubt that Omar Minaya really would turn down that offer if it was made to him.

James Allen said...

I'm not sure how bogus this is. I'm not that big on John Heyman (the source of the story, I understand), but if you ask the Mets point blank about it of course they are going to deny it.

And I agree with you wholeheartedly Joe, real or no, Omar would definitely (and wrongly) turn it down.

My goodness, what a sad sack organization this is. We've seen this cycle during the early ninties and it's beginning to happen again: and injured and aging core surrounded by a bunch of retreads, never-wases and never-will-bes, backed up by a confused front office. Blah.

James Allen said...

By the way, speaking of our friends at "Faith and Fear," Greg just posted a doozy of an essay which got my heart racing. Tremendous stuff.

Metstradamus said...

James, that was great. Funny thing, I was thinking about the same thing in the terms of FOX's pregame open. This season's game started with a tribute to Musial and Buck and all that. Last season's was Yankee Stadium. How would FOX's pregame look for an All-Star Game at Citi Field? Jackie Robinson? The Dodgers? And yes, I thought of Jeter too ... a history of baseball in New York that would include as much of the Yankees as the Dodgers, Giants, or Mets?

To reiterate, Greg's piece was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Even if the Halladay story was true, do you honestly think he would've accepted a trade to the Mets? He wants a chance to win.

Metstradamus said...

Anonymous, your question is valid, yet irrelevant. If Doc turns the Mets down, that's fine. At least it would show that the Mets are looking to improve the club. But it's the Mets turning the deal down that sends a certain message to Mets fans.

Is Halladay going to help the Mets this season? Most likely not. He can lose 2-1 with this lineup just as easily as Johan can. But mortgage the future? What future? This package going the other way isn't exactly a king's ransom. And it lends credence to the theory (and yes, it's only a theory at this point) that the Mets are no longer interested in spending a significant amount of money now that they have their new ballpark.

I'm an idiot, but that's how I look at it.

Anonymous said...


Im so sick of these pepsi / verizon / whoever else cerrone is blowing these days / logos plastered all over the place. remember when he partnered with SNY and he was all “uuuhhhh i promise this is still matt cerrones metsblog and it wont turn into a big ad-infested waste site”? matt cerrone is a sellout. you had a good thing going, matt… now we have to look at a pepsi logo every time you put a game preview up? A pepsi logo thats bigger than the mets logo???

its like watching soccer on ESPN… taco bell logos all over the place, you cant even see the ball. Anywhere but the states, you have a screen with nothing on it but the action… once in a while they show the score, never a useless logo… its tacky, its bad design, and its shows that you could give a frick less about what you’re doing. SURE GUYS, THROW LOGOS ALL OVER, WHERE THEY HAVE NO PURPOSE BUT TO CLUTTER THE PAGE AND BRAINWASH MY READERS.


Joe Cook said...

Even if Halladay wouldn't help us compete this season (which obviously he wouldn't since this team is just awful), he has another year on his current contract, and would likely want an extension as part of the trade like Santana got. If the Mets really claim that the Francouer acquisition was because they believe he will contribute more in the next few years than Church (and not because Jerry Manuel despised Ryan Church), then do they really think Jon Niese and Bobby Parnell will be worth more on the mound in the next few years than Roy Halladay?

The ownership and management of this organization continues to turn the cold shoulder (or flip the bird) to the wishes of the fans. And Minaya was just on the SNY broadcast laughing about how things have gone this season. Among what he said was that the team they've put on the field has not been good (amazed he recognizes that much), even though he expected it to be early on. Hey, Omar. You're the GM. When the team you throw out there isn't good, it's your job to improve it. And he touted his history of coming from the Expos; I remember the Expos having talent on their rosters, but I don't remember them ever winning (not since they were in first place when the strike hit in '94).

And I agree with everything in the essay on Faith and Fear in Flushing. And I've thought the same thing: If the Wilpons are so determined to honor the Brooklyn Dodgers, then why not make Gil Hodges the centerpiece? ...and my vote is that the Mets would showcase International Baseball in hosting the 2013 Midsummer Classic. We would be deluged with those commercials of Delgado and Minaya comparing the culture of NYC and the Caribbean.

Yadier from Queens said...

Mets just rolling over tonight...although not to discount the great pitching by the local kid. I think six shutouts in the last 13 games!!! Unbelieveable. Also, you have to start turning on games at 8PM because by 9PM its over. Tonight's game barely lasted over two hours and barely got past nine o'clock.