Sunday, July 26, 2009

Your Fifth Annual Hall of Hate Winner:

Hang all the chads you want, this guy just can't lose an election. First, he wins the vote for the final all-star. But being inducted into the Metstradamus "Hall of Hate" is forever. Congratulations to Shane Victorino. Put on the jacket and join Bobby Bo's card game. Here are the results:

  • Shane Victorino -- 25% -- 288
  • Jimmy Rollins -- 16% -- 186
  • Cole Hamels -- 15% -- 166
  • Guillermo Mota -- 11% -- 130
  • Brett Myers -- 9% -- 106
  • Pete Rose -- 6% -- 65
  • Mel Rojas -- 4% --44
  • Jeff Torborg -- 3% -- 33
  • Joe Torre -- 3% -- 32
  • Richie Hebner -- 2% -- 26
  • Albert Pujols -- 2% -- 22
  • Tony Fernandez -- 1% --17
  • John Thomson -- 1% -- 13
  • Eddie Murray -- 1% -- 10
I can't say I'm surprised that it's a landslide. But honestly, I would have bet the house on Cole Hamels, what with the whole "choke" thing fresh in everyone's minds. But as I've said, a vote for Victorino is proof that the Met fan is a true connoisseur of hate, and not merely a part-time dabbler. Thank you to all who took the time to have your voice be heard.

And thanks to our friends at New York Baseball Digest for inviting me to make the announcement on their weekly radio show. You'll be happy to know we're already preparing for next season's vote where there will be some new names and perhaps a few new wrinkles. There might even be a Veteran's Committee to make the experience more authentic for you, the voter. Here's to 2010!


nutballgazette said...

Enjoyed your Radio Gig.
Great Job on the "Plaque"

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

World Phucking Champions

Christopher said...

"Hall of Hate" is a little harsh, but nothing effectively rhymes with "Douchebag", so I understand.

I can't see why anyone would vote for players who play hard and honestly; Chipper Jones might be a Met-killer, but he's gracious and doesn't rub it in. Pujols might have the perpetual douche-face on, but when you interview the guy he's sincere and genuine. Hard to fault.

Victorino, on the other hand, is the exemplary candidate for inclusion. Dirty player, long overdue for a Ray Knight punch in the jaw. He really needs a thorough ass-kicking. Not that it'll change anything, but at least he'll be walking around knowing someone's got his number.

tommy_calzone said...

Great job as always.

Would love to see a post with all the plaques. Maybe save that to keep us warm this offseason.

Oh wait OUR Offseason has come.

Metstradamus said...

Tommy, it's like you're reading my mind. I was actually thinking of doing that. But then I'd have to make plaques for all the original members. Work ... yuck. ;)

Jonesman said...

In his acceptance speech, Victorino paraphrased Shaq in saying: "Hey Mets fans, how's my ass taste?"