Thursday, September 20, 2007

When Winning Turns Into A Win

So often, it's a little thing that makes me think.

Tonight, it happened while I was in my travels...passing by the television at Metstradamus HQ noticing the score was 1-0 New York. I let out some emotion at that point: "Whoo hoo, we're winning! It's a Christmas miracle!"

Responded an astute observer in close proximity: "We're always winning."

It's true. The Mets are always winning. Every time you look up at the television, they're winning. 1-0, 8-4, 7-2, 3-1, always. Always winning.

They just don't win.

It's how they hook you...get you to hang around until the end. They suck you in by winning. Then yank the win from your clutches by pulling something stupid. And worst of all, they do it while you sleep.

The Mets season has become something like a Freddy Kruger movie. Matt Cerrone goes to sleep and dreams he's falling from the sky with spoons in his chute. Greg Prince takes a nap and John Maine falls from a four run lead. Even I went to sleep a couple of weeks ago and had a clear vision of Moises Alou...and he did something stupid. I'm not quite sure what it was, but it was dumb (and two weeks later he drops a fly ball in the sun against the Phillies.)

It gives new meaning to the term "don't sleep on the Mets." Sleep on them, and you just might never wake up.

I'm not normally scared to take a nap with a five run lead. Not no more. Not after what's transpired. Toothpicks pry open my eyes until the final out. I sure as heck don't want to fall asleep while the Mets are winning...only to wake up to the horrifying shrieks of the Mets not leaving the park with an actual win.

Thankfully, and finally, the Mets were winning...and then they won. Imagine that. A win. It's safe to sleep, because Alou was far from stupid on Wednesday. And while you're at it, you can get your heads out of the oven and come down off those bridges. Get down from those trees, and put the cyanide formulas away too, for the magic number is finally down to single digits...thanks to Yadier Molina (shudder).

But keep those bridges and toxins at the ready.


G-Fafif said...

I got drowsy again during Wednesday night's game and I refused to fall asleep.

Buying toothpicks right now to pry my eyelids open the rest of the way.

Unser said...

This winning but not winning thing has gotten so bad that I cursed Billy Wagner for giving up a lead-off hit in the 9th, even though we were up by 5 runs.

Eureka, is all I can say. And I think Pelfrey showed something last night. At the very least, he can throw strikes at high velocities and with movement. Please Willie and Omar, say bye-bye to Sele or Mota and hello to Pelf in the pen.

Luke Armour said...

I wanted you to know (and maybe help us spread the word) that Darryl Strawberry will be on Matt Cerrone's MetsBlog Podcast Thursday (today) at 12pm noon ET. MetsBlog Podcast can be found streaming live at and also available as an archive at the same link.
Hope you can join us and help spread the word. Thanks.

dave said...

Pelfrey looked like a veteran out there today. It's like Pelfrey and Maine or Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage in Vice Versa.

Demitri said...

I also cursed Billy Wagner after the leadoff hit. It shows how mentally damaged we all are watching this team this year.

But it was a nice win and something to build on. Sosa came in and slammed the door with an efficiency we haven't seen from the bullpen in a while.

Oh, and Yay for Yadier!

Anonymous said...

Wainwright and Molina helped the Mets last night. That's the first time I've been able to say those names without shuddering.

Jaap said...

Gene Mauch is rolling over in his grave!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of grave #2 on the hate list, jose Uribe, died in Dec. 2006. Why the posthumous hate?
joe in philly burbs

Metstradamus said...


Nothing really to do with Uribe per say...but Chris Russo said that Jose Reyes was playing more like Jose Uribe.