Sunday, September 02, 2007

Met Whisperer

Baseball would make me cry if I wasn't laughing so hard.

I myself am still getting over the fact that a guy who shut the Mets down in Citizens Bank Shoebox goes to Florida and can't get an out.

And now, I'm faced with baseball's latest joke: a team that suffered three of the most heartbreaking losses in a row...ever...goes into the stadium where seasons go to die with the division hanging in the balance...and throw in everybody and their mother burying them.

And they sweep the Atlanta Braves. (At least someone's season was buried. For once, it wasn't the one from Flushing.)

Oh, and they do so with an 0-7 rookie pitching the middle game. (Insert rim shot here.)

Speaking of which (and I realize this is a day late but...), memo to Jeff Francoeur: shut up and take your base. Pelfrey didn't mean to hit you. And honestly, I wish he did mean it. Nothing personal Jeff, you were just in the way. But the Mets are too nice, and who better than a 0-7 rookie to act like the bad guy, even if it was unintentional. In other words, the Mets need to make like Cesar (Don't call me Felix) Millan and reassert their dominance. And if that means urinating around the mound like the dogs on Cesar's show, then so be it.

The Mets urinated all over Turner Field this weekend, and in the process, reasserted their dominance in the N.L. East.

It just goes to show you how funny baseball really is. After four games in Philadelphia, did anybody see this coming? Anybody? Beating Tim Hudson and John Smoltz? Anyone?

By the same token, with this new wave of emotion hitting us, does anybody see a disaster happening in Cincinnati? With Pedro Martinez returning to us tomorrow, I betcha don't see it coming. Hey, all I'm saying is not to be surprised with whatever happens on Labor Day. Five innings, 1 run, seven K's? Don't be surprised. Two innings, six runs, one strikeout? Don't be surprised...or else the joke's on you.



David said...

"...memo to Jeff Francoeur: shut up and take your base. Pelfrey didn't mean to hit you."

If you read the game recap from the Mets site (iirc) it appears that Frenchy already realizes this but made up the whole routine to "stir up his mates," including the whole "that's the 2nd time this guy has hit me" bit. Pretty cheap.

Some people are also saying that Matt Diaz, on the last out Sunday, intentionally clipped Delgado's foot at first base. (I find that one a tad hard to swallow since it imperils the runner as much as the first baseman.)

kyle in newport news said...

The WFAN announcer, for one, said that Diaz "spiked" Delgado's foot.

The Metmaster said...

Ok, so I challenged the Mets last week after the Philadelphia disaster to show us what they are made of. I'm impressed. David Wright is the heart and soul of that team right now. From this past weekend forward, he is the undisputed leader in that clubhouse.
By the way, did you read that the Phillies might have been stealing signs last week? TV camera in dead center pointing right on the catcher. It's not for broadcast; it a closed circuit feed into the Phillies video room where it's recorded! The Mets changed their signs several times. A Phillies baserunner asked one of the Mets infielders "What's up with all the new sophisticated signs"? I would not put it past the Phillies. They, like the city of Philadelphia, are a second rate operation, forever mired in New York's shadow.
Show us what you've got today Petey!

Metstradamus said...

I wouldn't put it past them either. Unfortunately, it doesn't explain why the Mets were swept by the Phillies in June at Shea Stadium. Maybe the Phillies got one of those "My First Espionage" kits from Fisher Price installed at Shea.

They can steal all the signs they want at this point. Their pitching (and yes I'm fully aware of the fact that the Mets couldn't hit those horrible starters last week), will still not hold up the rest of the season.

Metstradamus said...

Jeff Francoeur has gotta get over himself.

kyle in newport news said...

WFAN announcer just brought up his own spiking suspicion, then explained that he talked about it with Delgado after the game and Delgado told him he had just been kicked in the back of the leg.

Unser said...

In Atlanta right now and could not wait for your updated post. Heard some of the Brave-Philly game on the radio. Toward the end, quote from Brave announcer "It looks like both the Braves and Phillies should start focusing on the wild card".

Ahhhhhh. . . sweet music

The Metmaster said...

Sweet music indeed. The sound you are hearing from both Philly and Atlanta tonight after Petey's performance, coupled with the Wright, Alou, and Delgado Show is "Gulp"! Is it just me or have we all stopped hyperventilating? I'm a Met fan dammit, and I'm damn glad I am! Let the Braves and the Phillies disembowel one another. We need to take today's win, feed off it, and crush these other guys. Show no mercy. Go for the jugular. "All'alba vincero, Vincero!"

kjs said...

now that pedro has his 3000th, why not a 'pop-upometer' for jose reyes?...

willie should rest him wednesday afternoon so he has two days off--he looks flat and lost...