Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nine Up: Seven Up

Wonder what people must be thinking now...I mean, those people who took glee in pointing out that the Mets couldn't beat the Braves this season?

4-8 from April-August.

5-1 in September.

Nine up. The entire season with the Braves is a it never happened. Except it did happen. It happened when it counted the most, in September. 5-1.

And now, with the Phillies somehow pulling the rare feat of turning a triple play in a 12-0 loss, the Mets are seven games up on the Phillies. You know what Philly? Sweep the Mets again. Go ahead. It'll barely make a dent. And besides, you'll give it back the following week when Lincoln High is on the schedule.

(Editor's note: The author of this blog would not like a sweep.)

I'm in such a philanthropic mood tonight that I'm not even going to kill Guillermo Mota for coughing up John Maine's well earned lead tonight in the top of the eighth. It's really sad when I lower my standards to the point where Mota giving up a lead with a seeing eye single instead of a grand slam counts as progress to me, but that's exactly what I've done. Besides, everyone in that bullpen contributed to the Braves tying the game. Mota, Aaron Heilman, Pedro Feliciano, Skip Lockwood, Dick Tidrow, Alejandro Pena, Jeff Musselman...everyone.

(Editor's note: The author of this blog is not philanthropic enough to want to see Guillermo Mota anywhere near a pressure situation in October.)

But Shawn Green took deposited a hanging slider into the outfield to drive home Carlos Beltran, and the Braves have been rocked to sleep.

The bed for the Phillies is waiting for them this weekend. All that's left is for the Mets to tuck them in.

Rock-a-bye Philly on the tree top...
When the wind blows, Shea Stadium will rock.
When Pat's bat breaks, the Phillies will fall...
And down will come Jimmy, Eaton, and all.

We hope.


robby said...

You know what's really scary? Willie made that move tonight. He pulled Heilman early, he pulled Feliciano after one batter, so that Mota could be in that spot to save the game.

Is Willie just really stupid about the bullpen or what

Unser said...

I'm in a more misantrhopic mood (bad cold today), so I will take Mota to task. . .

This guy should not even be on the bench cheering for the team in October.

dcmetsfan said...

I do want a sweep - of the Phillies, so that I have a chance at seeing the Mets clinch the division here in DC next week.

dave said...

Mota needs to take a Rick Ankiel trip to the minors. I swear the guy looks like he could hit, and he certainly can't pitch so why not.

Who's loving Shawn Green lately? Me! He probably shouldn't have played last night since it was Rosh Hashanah, but I guess a little divine intervention helped him out.

Anonymous said...

Rosh Hashanah - I thought it was "Rush-A-Homea" as the traffic on the Whitestone Expressway was really backed up last night. Happy New Year to all the Jewish Met Fans.


Me said...

And to think...Mota got the WIN. Ugh.

Rickey Henderson said...

Rickey will shit himself if Willie puts Mota on the playoff roster. Why not resign Steve Traschel whil you're at it?

What's wrong with Maine or Pefrey in the bullpen?

fredstradamus said...

Shalom indeed. They should just move that sad, sad Philadelphia franchise to Portland, OR already.

upstate met fan said...

willie better be right about "trusting" his guys. this trusting thing is making throw up in my mouth a little bit. a sweep of the phillies and a world series appearance will make it all go away though.

j m said...

This post is getting tougher to look at by the day.

Anonymous said...