Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cheat Codes And Bourbon

It's almost as if whenever the Phillies play the Mets lately, they use some sort of Playstation cheat code to pull ahead at the end. But it's not the usual cheat. Because not even a video game has the kind of cheats that the Phillies have been employing lately. To the best of my knowledge, there's no "interference cheat" in these games. There's no "pitch through a foot injury" cheat.

And there's certainly no "get their catcher thrown out of the game so that his replacement can drop a foul ball to set up a sacrifice bunt which is thrown into center field..." cheat.

Which buttons on the controller do you have to push to activate that cheat? Is it the X, O, X, O, L1, L2, L1, L2, R3, Hokey Pokey buttons?

If anybody out there has an Philadelphia hex breaker that involves a twig, a back order copy of Baseball America, and a pint of bourbon, I suggest you use it before Saturday's game. And don't forget to hit that hokey pokey button and turn yourself around.


Anonymous said...

I think you put the whammy on them with the "go ahead and sweep us" comment. I think its your responsibility to break this curse.

Anonymous said...

different anon here... for tomorrow's game you need to pull out all the stops with photoshop. I still have your "NL east standings, Jimmy Rollins view of the standings" jpeg on my pc somehwere. that was before opening day at shea when the mets were 3-0 and the team to beat was 0-3, on their way to losing 2 out of 3 in ny.

the mets will need a similar effort from you when you get home from the bar tonight, in time for tomorrow's pregame.

we are counting on you metstra, last game against the phils this year (hoping they don't make the playoffs...) make it count!!!!
joe from long island but live in philly burbs now.

Demitri said...

I blame you metstradamus, as well as myself , for this sweep. You awakened the baseball gods by taunting the Phils - "Go ahead and sweep us!", while I allowed myself to think of where I wanted to purchase seats for the NLDS.

Shame on us.

BTW I also live in the Philly burbs and I will be avoiding all Philly media for the rest of the week, no KYW, no Inquirer, no NBC10. You are all dead to me.