Friday, August 31, 2007

A Token Of Thanks

Mr. Maine,

Please accept this thank you for having some guts and not laying an egg as if you were in Philadelphia. Hopefully, whatever you pitched with tonight can be spread out a little though your locker room. Be sure that you share some crackers and salami with your friends Carlos D. and Jose for their efforts. And please make sure that Mike gets some pears and oranges in preparation for his start tomorrow. Fruit, as you know, is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals needed to pitch in Atlanta.

God speed to you and yours,


P.S. If your catcher had blocked your change-up, then you would have gotten out of the sixth without a scratch. So if you decide not to give him crackers or salami, that's your business.


em piazza said...

Can you chuck a HGH pate in the fruit basket for uberSteroidal Mota? Then send in the FBI? Muchos gracias, Senor.

Demitri said...

A second bravo to Mr Maine for starting the Mets off on the right track in Atlanta. This one was a must-win (not quite like NLCS game 6 last year, but close)

I have to admit, I did not watch this game on the advice of my therapist. (After attending the previous game on Thursday in the city of brotherly love.) I opened my Philly inquirer this morning and skipped past all the junk about how the Philles ripped the Marlins, and saw that the Mets had prevailed.

I'll try to watch again from now on. Thanks again John Maine.