Sunday, August 12, 2007

Insurance...What A Concept!

You would think that a leaping amazing catch at a wall containing the logo of a now famous insurance company would have put a collective thought in the heads of the team that benefited from said catch.

AIG, in fact, stands for: Ain't Insurance runs Grand?

Ain't It Grand to be able to go into a late inning and be able to breathe...regardless of the fact that Jose Reyes had to kick Matt Treanor in the head to do it? Because it's not necessarily the clutch ninth inning come from behind win that's going to convince Met fans that their team is, it's wins like today where you have chances to put a team away and you score five runs in the eighth inning (two home runs by Moises Alou don't hurt none either). They made the most of that chance today, unlike past games where they've had chance after chance to deliver the knockout blow and instead let teams hang around until they can break their hearts (see: Friday and Saturday).

But of course, with every silver lining comes a dark cloud (you like how I flipped that one on you, don't ya? You see, the usual phrasing is...ah, forget it). As soon as the Mets put Paul Lo Duca on the DL despite Lo Duca claiming he's healthy and feels great (after what's happened to Endy Chavez, I don't think I would take a chance, either), Fluff Castro comes up with "lower back discomfort", exposing the Mets to the musical stylings of Mike DiFelice.

Yes boys and girls, Mike DiFelice, until further notice, is the starting catcher for the New York Mets. If there is a silver lining to that dark cloud (oh, the phrasing equivalent of the double reverse! You can't stop can only hope to contain me in a nut house somewhere) is waiting to see Willie Randolph justify batting DiFelice ahead of Lastings Milledge in the lineup. The anticipation is killing me.


fred said...

I hear some rumblings about getting Pizza-Boy off waivers, though ....

JAMMQ said...

Ramon Castro cannot be bothered with playing full games.

He needed to get to the Dominican day parade which was held today. He needed to get his reggaeton on.

Meanwhile, Mike DeFelice settled down a rattled Oliver Perez, and trash-talked Miguel Cabrera into a strikeout.

I'll take it.

Mike said...

I'm muy curioso as to who backs up DiFelice. I'd guess Sandy Alomar Jr., but then I wonder why he wasn't called up in the first place.

Is Mackey Sasser available? Charlie O'Brien?

Do I hear a Todd Pratt? He's gotta be lurking in the majors somewhere.

elliot said...

Mike - the backup for DeFelice can be the Mets 22 year old catching prospect Jesus Flores. Boy - I'm glad that they didn't lose him on waivers to the Nationals or anything.

Danny said...

Elliot, it was vital that the Mets carry Jason Standridge on the 40-man roster at the time.

It is really one of Omar's larger blunders, not getting Flores onto the 40-man to protect him from the Rule V draft. Especially since he had to have some inclination that Manny Acta was really high on him from being here and would be willing to carry him. Flores is not even embarassing himself, either, when you consider the jump from High-A ball to the bigs.

elliot said...

Thanks, Danny. Not only is Flores not embarrassing himself, he's actually doing OK. (BA .241, OBP .315, SLG .366).

It's so much nicer to follow the Mets in the "New Mets" days, when the trading deadline does not include disasters of nightmarish proportions.

They did blow this one, however.

I appreciate your comments, Danny. It's even worse when you realize that through their entire farm system, the Mets are very, very light on catching.

Anonymous said...

difelice picked off someone at third and successfully executed a hit and run! start him!!!!11

Exiled in Washington Heights said...

jammq--Castro's Puerto Rican. The Dominicans ("they're only here for the $$$") and the Puerto Ricans ("they have automatic citizenship")DESPISE each other. However, they both hate the Mexicans, who take pride that they have no African blood. (Poor Ollie Perez--no wonder he's struggling lately in that clubhouse.)

Nice to see the plastic, teflon, corporate-manufactured, adulterous HGH-using Tiger Woods making a Hate List, Metsradamus. You lead the pack.