Thursday, August 02, 2007

Why Metstradamus Is An Idiot: Part 4,219

"Marlon Anderson in center field? You've gotta be kidding me! Lastings Milledge has fresh legs...he made two diving catches out there? You mean to tell me that he can't go on consecutive nights? Who does Willie Randolph think Lastings is, Cliff Floyd? Marlon Anderson? Center field? What can Marlon Anderson do that Lastings can't?" -Metstradamus, bottom of the first inning.
Umm, hit a three run homer, drive in four runs total and help beat the Brewers, perhaps?

"Why doesn't Marlon Anderson play center field more often?" -Metstradamus, bottom of the fourth inning
(Idiot blogger.)


Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself the Kid. You're probably the sharpest of all the Mets bloggers that I read.

Anonymous said...

Not to add gasoline to the fire, but where are all the Willie-haters today? I know I cursed him out about Satuday's night game debacle as well as the bullpen gaffe with Mota blowing it for Glavine the other night. Marlon Anderson in CF??? Are you kidding me? Just goes to show sometimes your gut can be right on occasion.

anonymice said...

Very insightful comments by Mazzilli on SNY last night explaining how a manager reviews medical reports daily of the entire roster and makes his lineup decisions from there. Mazzilli's getting better, though that fake smile wears thin. Willie? The guy's hurting from surgery and Omar [and the non-clutch team] hasn't exaxctly made his job easier this season, to say the least.