Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summoning Mr. Marlin, The Barbarian

If you're going to bring in every former Marlin known to man, then you mind as well get Mr. Marlin.

Jeff Conine was a necessary get for the New York Mets, with the injury to Damion Easley. He is also a great get as he provides right handed pop off the bench, and prevents the brass from having to worry about what would happen if they ever had to see Anderson Hernandez play in another major league game.

Here's what I like best about Jeff Conine: He has a grill. Rusty Staub also had a grill. Rusty got a lot of pinch hits despite obviously overindulging in the leftovers from his rib place. Conine, who is in much better shape and is marginally faster than Rusty, will be asked to do the same...I mean get pinch hits, not eat all his leftovers, which he obviously has refrained from. I'm not sure if it's Jeff's greater will power than Rusty, or that the food isn't that great that Jeff has been able to resist it for so many years, but in either case good for Jeff, and good for us.

(Conine's "Clubhouse Grille" is in Hollywood, FL...just off of I-95. That means that most likely, Shane Spencer has either been drunk, involved in a bar fight, and/or arrested there at least once in his life. I'm not sure about what kind of karma that brings, but it's karma nonetheless.)

Oh, you want like, tangible reasons to like Jeff Conine. All right, try this on for size: Career average as a pinch hitter: .292. Career with a runner on third and less than two men out (you know, those situations that make you pull your hair out because the Mets can never get anybody in): .356 (and that's 344 RBI's in 340 at bats in those situations).

And before you're thinking that most of that damage came when he was an all-star and that he can't do it anymore now that he's 41 years old: His 2007 numbers as a pinch hitter: .409. His 2007 numbers with a runner on third and less than two outs: .500. That's half his at bats!

OK, so he only had eight at-bats in that situation this season. But how many times would you expect the Reds to have had a runner on third base this season? They are after all, 54-70. (Yeah, keep picking on the Reds stupid...you'll only be there in September, do you want to get killed? Why not just wear your Buddy Harrelson jersey and make sure you die!) Oh, and that 4 for 8 had bore the fruit of 14 RBI's.

But it really doesn't matter what he's done in the past...only that he's done it in the past. (And that he's a Met at the cost of A-ballers Sean Henry and Jose Castro, which as long as one of them doesn't grow up to be Jason Bay is fine by me. And even if one of them does? Hey, there's a difference between filling a need for a team that's five games in front, and making a pointless trade for a team that never had any business making the playoffs anyway.)

And if Conine does it in the future like he's done it in the past, maybe he'll shed that "Mr. Marlin" tag temporarily and become our very own: Mr. Met!

Oh relax, I'm kidding. Now turn that frown upside down and throw me a towel.


Charity said...

Can't wait to see you in Cincy, We'll be there front in center in our Mets Gear :)

elliot said...

Conine is the same age as Willie Mays was when he became a Met - and one year older than Yogi Berra was when he became a Met. OK - I'll be a glass half full guy - he's three years younger than Warren Spahn was when the Mets got him.

writerhoward said...

If Conine's that good why didn't the Phillies keep him?


Armo said...

If Conine is so smart, why isn't he rich?

Unser said...

Hey MD. I've been away for awhile and haven't been able to post anything. Good to be back.

Just curious - given the Mets' catching injuries, has there been any talk about acquiring Mr. Piazza, who I understand has cleared waivers? I figured that would be all over talk radio.

Metstradamus said...

Unser, first and foremost welcome back.

Second, I brought up the possibility of Piazza before the trade deadline. Since then there has been some more official rumblings, and it's been kicked around the blogs. But the Mets have basically, without saying it, have said that Piazza isn't a possibility.

Unser said...

Bummer. Seems like he'd be a good pick up. We'd have three catchers. Until LoDuca or Castro return, he could start and catch 5 or 6 innings. He'd also be our first pinch hitting option. And, dare I say it, our DH in the (ahem) World Series. Looks like the A's really want to unload him too.

Metstradamus said...

Unser, you're starting to think like me. I'm not sure you want that for your own mental sanity.


Jeterboy said...

Tonight might have been one of those season changing wins for the Mets.....a real swing in momentum. Not only did they fight back from a bad loss where their closer gave up the winning run....but they fought back and beat one of baseball's best...Trevor Hoffman. With a no name pitcher tomorrow for the Mets, a tough loss tonight could have easily led to this series getting away from them....and the divisional rivals getting closer. Instead their lead is up to five and six games and they appear to finally be pulling away. I think this was the swing game for the division with five weeks to go.

By no means are they a lock to win in the playoffs.....but they seem to have taken a big step forward in getting there by fighting it out tonight in a tough game.

Metstra - I heard your "disguise" in Cinci will be your new Bronson Arroyo hair braids and in Wrigley you'll wear your "Bartman for President" T-Shirt.