Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wanna Get High?

It's now official, Guillermo Mota's ERA is higher than Towlie.

No, I don't condone drug use ... whether they be performance enhancing or mind altering. But damn, Wednesday's game is driving me to drink something that's about 180 proof.

Sure, you can kill Carlos Delgado for leaving a small village on the basepaths tonight, but three at-bats against Jake Peavy and one more against Trevor Hoffman isn't normally going to produce great results. (I do wish, however, that Delgado would take swings that didn't resemble a hammer throw.)

But wouldn't you know that Guillermo's three runs after two were out and there were two strikes would make the damn difference in the seventh inning. Not Peavy's great pitching, not Carlos Delgado's oh-fer or Lastings Milledge's golden sombrero...not even Jose Reyes' three steals to new club record for stolen bases. (I heard the crowd reaction to that...don't you try to tell me that ovation said "Congratulations, Jose!" That was an ovation that said "Thank you Jose for making sure that Roger Cedeno is out of our record book and our lives forever." You guys can't fool an old goat like me.)

It's all Mota. He was the difference between Carlos Beltran's dunker winning the game, and Carlos Beltran's dunker setting up Carlos Delgado's bat toss from hell. Guillermo Mota was the difference between the Mets putting further distance between the Phillies (who lost 15-3 in a game that Cole Hamels was supposed to pitch except for Cole Hamels Fact number 6,398,682: he's on the disabled list) and the Braves (who lost once again to the Reds tonight), and merely taking a date off the calendar. All because Guillermo Mota can't step on a team's neck with two outs and two strikes in the seventh inning.

And now, there's an angry mob at Guillermo Mota's door waiting to step on his neck (let's get him!)

(Editor's note: Al Gore is reporting that the Rangers scoring 30 runs in a game is a direct result of global warming. You can help by shutting down your air conditioners, your SUV's, and your Christmas lights. Willie Randolph can help by shutting down Guillermo Mota.)


JAMMQ said...

Beltran came up three times with runners in scoring position in this game, he came through once.

Carlos Delgado never picks up any slack, especially if Beltran fails to.

The Guillermo Mota experiment has got to end, immediately.

Suck it up Met management, and call it quits on Mota.

I could go for some Mozzarepa right now.

Ceetar said...

Well, If Mota was limited to every other day and one inning, I think he'd be okay.

I don't know if it came through the tv, but when Reyes was trying to steal that 67th base, he was really trying. He was off on like every pitch. If not for fouls and walks he'd have stolen in 4 times.

Krup said...

no ceetar: mota has got to go. not next week, not tomorrow. this minute.

but you're right about one thing: mota will be okay -- which is not good enough for the major leagues.

Unser said...

This worked with Alay Soler, so let me try it again . . .

I hereby petition Mets' management to release Guillermo Mota immediately.


P.S. - To ESPN, thanks for switching the time of Sunday's game to 8 pm. I had tix and was looking forward to bringing my one year old to a day game, but now that's out.

APV said...

Guillermo Mota's performance last night reminds me more of Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force than Towlie from South Park. He doesn't need that junk (marijuana or steroids) corrupting his mind. He needs all his energy — for crack cocaine!! :-)

But seriously, I was pleased with Mota's sixth-inning performance and actually believed that he'd get out of the seventh. Guess I was a fool (or the only one admitting to being a fool).

Also, why wasn't anyone warming in the bullpen in that seventh inning? No one asked this question on the post-game show. I realize the pen needs rest, but didn't Willie realize that a second inning of Mota was tempting fate?

Oh, and while everyone kills Delgado for his plate approach last night (and justifiably so), that blankout in the fifth inning where he didn't cover first base after the ball went off his glove was inexcusable. That's a Little League mistake Carlos made last night. Quite frankly, plays like that are exactly the reason why some fans aren't as happy with this Mets team as it should be.

Fred said...

Mota is officially the Mets' Schleprock. If he was released tomorrow, it'd be too late.

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to Dennis Cook for killing him on a daily basis when he pitched for the Mets. It's one thing to not strike out lefties -- which was the only thing REALLY ever asked of Cook -- but it's another to be the outright stench of death like G-Mot.

Can his butt NOW!

Anonymous said...

You got it wrong, a White House official, who refused to be named, said the outcome of the Rangers game was due to Terr-uh-rist actions and could be a signal for a new attack. Safety, freedom and democracy called for new authoritarian powers and a small 100 billion dollar supplemental spending bill that would go to some guy who gave Bush money during his campaign.