Sunday, August 26, 2007

That's A Mighty Big Neck To Step On

Willie Randolph: "What have I constantly told you guys about stepping on a team's necks?"

David Wright: "We tried skip. But the first neck I tried to step on was David Wells' neck, and it's so big I think I sprained my ankle."
But really...when the following happened, the Mets kinda deserved to lose.

Good news on Jeff Kent's condition after being beaned in the head: He's fine. He just thinks it's 1992, and refuses to wear a clown suit. Dodger officials don't understand what that means.

Interesting time to get revenge for Hong-Chih Kuo's bat flip, eh? (Or maybe it was revenge for Kent's Met career. Now that we know that nothing's broken, I can safely say the following: Screw you, Jeff.)


Fred said...

Only Kent and his dumb gay-porn mustache can make me root for a cat scan machine!

Maybe next time, CT!

Danny said...

That David Wells picture is pure hilarity. Well done.

At least this head injury should Kent out of washing his truck for a few weeks. That should keep him safe.

Matt B. said...

shawn green needs to be an option in the poll