Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fan Mail

Dear Hanley,

I know you wanted to show us how good a shortstop you are, and prove that you are deserving of the press that Jose Reyes gets.

Mission accomplished. Whoever didn't know how good you are in New York, now know.

So stop it. Please.

Yours in baseball,


P.S. Please tell Larry Beinfest that if he dares trade Miguel Olivo to the Braves just to screw with Billy Wagner, I swear I'm going to fly to Miami and kick him in the crotch so hard he'll be spitting urine on Moises Alou's hands. Thank you kindly.


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Anonymous said...

Wags will go down as the goat, but he was only part of the problem. Stranding runners, including a crucial insurance run in the 8th. Reyes' defense was outstanding, his hitting approach insipid, as it's been most of 2007 now. My 24th game at Shea this year, and the worst thus far. The 25,000 or so left after DWright dribbled a ball to 2nd headed down the ramps in morbid silence, maybe more tired of the team and it's makeup than another pathetic loss.