Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Swine Flies When You're Having Fun

So not only do the Mets have to deal with the conventional injuries like broken fingers and balky lower hamstrings, they have a stomach virus circling the team, and possible swine flu among their television personnel.

You know, between that and the woman that supposedly contracted swine flu at Citi Field, this would be a perfect time to scrub down the ballpark and sanitize it. But I guess they only consider doing that for autographs.

Now the word is that Carlos Beltran's stomach issues might be due to an ulcer. After J.J. Putz's meltdown, and the latest Pittsburgh debacle on Tuesday night where a depleted lineup couldn't bail out Johan Santana, who doesn't have an ulcer these days?

It was Nate McLouth that drove in the game winning run on Tuesday, and it drew a very interesting reaction:

Yup, you know him. And he knows baseball.


weesle909 said...

That was very good. Very good.

Thanks for making me smile after this crap start to this road trip.

Demitri said...

Yeah - this was funny, and especially nice after watching the local Philly News blurb during the Today show, when the local anchor giddily informed us that "The Phillies won...and the Mets Lost!"

Funny how they never do that when the situation is reversed.

Caryn said...

One of the greats. Awesome, Metstra.

Coop said...

Oh this is where I wanted to write that you were the fuckin man, 'Damus. My bad

fredstradamus said...

I don't know what I hate more: Steve Phillips or that White Castle commercial. Hmm. Definitely Steve Phillips.

Andee J. said...

Coming out of lurkdom to tell you that SP as the Chupacabra is spit-take hilarious. Thanks, I needed that.