Sunday, June 14, 2009

No Luck For The Irish

And the day started so promisingly too.

But even after Frankie Rodriguez went all Braveheart on Brian Bruney (which might not have been the right thing to do but to me better than than being the "nice guys" the Mets are famous for being, so it's something I wholeheartedly endorse ... and how ironic was it that Mike Pelfrey played peacemaker), the Mets followed up by being taken out by the woodshed by the Yankees. Once again, the Mets inability to get one stupid hit with the bases loaded and nobody out in the third proved to be their downfall while they were down 4-0.

Well that, and the nine other runs that Santana gave up with his lower than normal velocity. Just tell me when the MRI's coming ... because that has to be next, right?

But the Mets fans are even turning on each other. I saw a guy during the game walking on the street wearing a Wright jersey when the score was 13-0 and I told him "hey, don't turn on the highlights and save yourself some grief". Thinking I was a Yankee fan he tells me "Keep walking pal". To be fair, I was wearing a Notre Dame jersey so he probably thought from that wardrobe choice that I must have been a Yankee fan. I explained to him that I was a Met fan and that I was trying to warn him. Then he yelled "F**k Notre Dame!"

(For the record, I could give a crap about Notre Dame in either direction ... my only connection to the Irish is that my father was Irish. But I won the jersey in a raffle yesterday, so I wore it today as if it was the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. It's a major award, so I wore it. Won it at "Blogs with Balls 1.0" by the way, so thanks guys for a great event and for the free jersey ... and can't wait for the sequel in Vegas so I can lose the rest of my money. You'll be happy to know that my major award has already almost caused an international incident.)

But the kicker is that the guy waited until he was a half block away entering a cab before yelling this. Great, I try to help a brother out and I encounter the Brian Bruney of Met fans who can't even address the issue with me face to face. Must still be upset about Aaron Heilman.

(But in the future, I'll keep my mouth shut while I'm wearing my "major award.", because no good deed does really go unpunished. Wow. A red letter day all around.)


wendy said...

I'll take the jersey if you don't want it. I'm a Notre Dame AND Mets fan. I like the NY Giants too. Sue me.

Caryn said...

I was complaining yesterday that there were all of two Mets bloggers there, and today I find out you were, there, John! Although they definitely didn't make it easy to find people.

weesle909 said...

The Mets crack medical staff is rght now working on a litany of misdiagnosises (is that a word?) for Johan. Soon he'll be day-to-day.

James Allen said...

For as bad as Friday was, yesterday was worse.

A 15-0 drubbing with your ace on the mound? I'm sorry, you can't laugh this off or call it "one of those things," it just doesn't work, not with this team. In the end we have Fernando Nieve to thank for this not being a totally lost weekend. And when you have to depend on crazy luck like that- well... you're pretty well fucked is all.

Before the game got well and truly out of hand, two half innings told the tale. In the bottom of the second, the Yanks got three straight two-out RBI hits to plate 4 runs (hell, they might've gotten more if Damon didn't get himself thrown out.) Follow that with the top of the third where the Mets get the bases loaded and none out and-- well, we've all seen that before, haven't we?

Thing is, the Phillies will play just inconsistently enough to keep the Mets in it. I mean, why should we be deprived of yet another September tease, whether they really deserve to be in it at that point or not?

number said...

did anyone really expect to go better than 2-4 vs the yanks and philths?