Sunday, June 21, 2009

Don't Go In There!

You know what's sad? Sad is when David Wright swings at an 0-1 changeup in the dirt, and FOX's friend Tim McCarver is telling us that he's going to get the exact same pitch at 0-2 (in between raindrops and declarations of love from Greta Van Susteren to Brett Favre, of course.) And here we are in front of our televisions knowing deep in the recesses of our hearts that the result is going to be the same ... that Wright is going to swing what he thinks is an oar but is actually a baseball bat at a changeup in the dirt, or off the dirt and up ... as it were.

Heck, even when the at-bat started you probably had a twinge of resignation in the pit of your stomach, giving in to the notion that David Wright, good as he is, isn't very good in the clutch, or at least as good as we'd like him or need him to be. It's like you're watching a horror flick from the 70's and you, your date, and everyone else in the theater knows that the cheerleader shouldn't enter the room with the bloody door knob. But in goes the cheerleader with everything going for her and before you know it, she's shish kebob with a sis-boom-bah.

David Wright has everything going for him too. He's rich, handsome, and as said to me today, he has a "Nintendo batting average." But he offered at a one-hop changeup at 0-1 as the tying run in the ninth. And when you do that, you might as well be wearing a letterman jacket looking around saying "Hello ... is anybody here ..." as J.P. Howell comes out with the hockey mask and the machete.

But hey, you can't blame him. After all, "clutch hit" sounds a lot like "cricket" when you say them really fast. Besides, where was the rest of the lineup? When 21 of the final 22 hitters go down without so much as a hint of concern, kinda makes you wonder if the team was trying to beat the Hamptons traffic.

At least Johan Santana was healthy enough to lose ... betcha he's hoping for an MRI right about now.


James Allen said...

It's easy to pick on Wright as he strikes out so damn much. In fact, he strikes out so much you forget he's hitting around .350. But today wasn't all Wright's fault (as you point out) as the Mets gave the typical SRS (Santana Run Support). The Mets have scored 44 runs in the 14 games Santana has started, which is just barely over 3 runs a game, however, they've scored 1 run or less in 6 of the 14 starts. That they actually mananged to win two of those 6 games 1-0 is nothing short of miraculous.

This team needs to trade for a bat. Like NOW. This is shit they shoud've done in the offseason, of course, as the outfield (throwing Murphy out there to start the season was a joke) and first base were question marks (I wasn't for keeping Delgado at all, but Omar likes old guys), but he just addressed the bullpen and stopped there. Now, the Mets will probably be asked to overpay for Dunn or whomever with diminishing minor league resources. It's a rock and a hard place, but something has to be attempted. That's what this perpetual win now mode forces you to do. And boy, is that window closing fast.

DyHrdMET said...

I was at the game Friday night, and I was calling David "clutch" all night. that's his new nickname (it kind of sounds like the way Crash Davis called people "meat" in the movie Bull Durham). It's the same way that a larger man is called "tiny".

I think he needs to go bigger than a cricket bad to avoid a 3 strikeout night (like Friday).

And I want to call you "The Onion" of Mets blogs. A lot of the stuff you write, with the doctored images, is just hysterical.

weesle909 said...

Seriously, what is it with Wright this year? He's having the strangest year. He leads the league with the softest .344 average ever. He alternates ice cold and white hot streaks. He's 2nd in the league in stolen bases, yet doesn't even make plays close at 1st base. He strikes out like a slugger yet hits a HR every 60 at bats.

Seriously, is it just me?