Thursday, September 07, 2006

A September To Dismember

So does it still hold the same meaning to you?

Does it mean the same beating these Larry-less, Maddux-less, Bream-less Braves, with the likes of Tom Glavine and Michael Tucker on your side?

Of course it does!

Because even though there is an ultimate 2006 destination that the Mets are on a collision course with, sometimes you have to stop and enjoy the journey to that destination. And on Wednesday, a day where the Mets took two from Atlanta to cinch a winning record against their former nemesis, the Mets took a sweet, satisfying, if not so crucial a step towards their 2006 end games.

Besides, they still have Bobby Cox:

"You see yourself 17 games out of first and you change direction a little...The hard part is trying to figure out who in hell to root for."

His grumpiness sustains me.

But since it's late, and Metstradamus needs sleep along with Bobby Cox's grumpiness to sustain him, I leave you with a question originally asked of me earlier today.

What can you legitimately take from Oliver Perez's shutout?

Has he turned the corner?

Or has he merely taken advantage of a depleted Braves team?

(please take a moment to laugh amongst yourselves at the phrase "depleted Braves team".)

Well, looking at the obvious differences between the wild delivery he had with the Bucos and his more controlled, focus mound delivery from today, it seems as if Ollie Perez has taken a crucial, and perhaps sweet and satisfying step towards his own personal destination (with the help of Rick Peterson).

I'm looking out the window and there's something coming out of the sky...and it's headed right for me!

Is it a meteor?

Is it the stock market?

Is it Maurice Clarett's career?

No, it's the magic number! And it's plummeting fast!!!


jabair said...

i want to hold a "throw-in" appreciation night @ shea this year...

speaking of throw-ins and projects for the jacket, i wonder how the numbers will look like by the end of the year for the trio of perez, williams, maine VS. pedro, glavine, el duque... maybe some of you theo epstein types can do a comparision..

i've been very impressed with williams & maine.. the jury is almost in on perez.. maybe one more start...

sheadenizen said...

Speaking of hard do you think he is kicking himself over Sanchez? And we all thought Hanley Ramirez was the prize. Who knew?

Listmaker said...

i think rick peterson was quoted as saying that he could fix oliver perez in 8 minutes. fits wells with the magic number.

Shea Gadfly said...

The magic number for clinching the best record in the NL is now the Arodian number 13...

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to say, other than this very off topic comment...boy do I wish people would shut up about Theo Epstein. He didn't make the josh becket trade! The guy quit his job, they installed a GM by committee, then they made some stupid trades/moves, and then Theo came back. Did everyone forget that? This one is for you Sheadenizen....

A.V. said...

perez looked great today.
but i cant believe in him until i see more consistency.

Metstradamus said...

Anonymous, to further your point, I believe it was while the Sox were Theo-less that they:

Let Damon go to the rival Yankees, and...

Traded Andy Marte and Guillermo Mota for Coco Crisp...which I thought THEN was too much...wonder if they would take that trade back if they could?

Unser said...

I heard that SNY did a poll during Game 2 yesterday re: who's number should be retired (Piazza, Hernandez, Carter or Koosman). Anyone know the results? I think we (meaning MD and his apostles) would vote yes on all of them.

I'm looking forward to this weekend's series vs. the Dodgers - possible playoff preview, and we'll face Penny and Maddux. Hope Willie uses his "A line-up" against those two.

Metstradamus said...

I saw that poll

I believe it was something like:

Piazza 50%
Hernandez 30%
Carter 12%
Koosman 8%

I'm sure on the first two, not so sure on the last two.

Unser said...

Poor Koos. He can't get any respect - especially now, when most fans probably didn't see him pitch in his prime. After Piazza, I think Koosman is the next Met worthy of retired number honors. Then Hernandez, then Carter.

My friend also told me that Gary Cohen commented on how high the Mets' standards are when it comes to retiring numbers. He likened it to National Baseball Hall of Fame standards.

DFrank11 said...

I vote for retiring Hernandez's number if it means free cocktails that night at the park!!!

No, seriously, I think Piazza is the only guy on the list worthy of having his number retired and I'm not even sure of that one ... let's see what jersey he wears in the HOF and then I will decide.