Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cole Hamels: Studly

The Mets will have a chance to clinch on the field tonight against the Bucos, thanks to the pitching of Cole Hamels, who struck out eleven in seven and two thirds to give the Phillies a 7-2 win over the Houston Astros.

More importantly, Hamels buoys the chances of my fantasy baseball team in their semi-final matchup against an owner that I don't think I've beaten in any playoff game in any sport, ever.

Priorities people...priorities.

Orlando Hernandez takes the hill tonight against Tom Gorzellany, and guess what? Gorzellany is left handed!

Oh joy, oh rapture.

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Vicki, St Pete Florida said...

It is so frustrating watching this team, sometimes. I guess it just goes along with being a Mets fan. No one understands. I just finished watching the game, and I think that I used my quota of curse words till the next game.