Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just A Flesh Wound

His achilles is aching to the point where playing five games in a row is newsworthy.

His ankle has been as twisted as a Quentin Tarantino storyline.

And as Cliff Floyd reminded us last night, his kidneys are functioning at fifty percent.

"You know Cliff Floyd's never playing again, right? -said to me before the Florida series
With everything that Floyd has gone through physically not only this season, but in his four seasons as a Met, nobody would have been surprised if he had packed it in. Don't forget: This is the guy who played on a bum knee for practically the whole 2003 season before shutting it down when the Mets were eliminated from playoff contention (which contrary to popular thinking, did not happen on April 23rd.)

But I have to think that Floyd realizes the role he plays in the lineup and in the clubhouse. He also must realize that if this is the season that we...indeed...have all been waiting for, and if this is his swan song as a Met with one Mr. Milledge waiting in the wings, I have a feeling he'd drag himself out there with one leg as if it was a Monty Python skit just to be a part of the action, just as he did in '03.

I often think...and I know I shouldn't...about who would be the perfect guy to get that last, clinching (or perhaps walk-off) hit in a playoff or World Series. Well first and foremost, as phenomenal as 1986 was, I would prefer if the quintessential 2006 hit was actually a hit this time. But if I had to choose someone to get that hit? I'd have to choose Cliff Floyd.


Ding Dong, the King is Dead.

"The Yankees are willing to go out and spend $200 million on payroll year in and year out. So they might be able to keep the talent in-house for that long a period of time. But for the rest of the normal organizations across professional sports, no way." -Larry Jones
In a related development, it looks like Larry has gone home to put his Yankee gear on.


fredstradamus said...

We pull out another one v. the Fish.


Coop said...

Great stuff as usual, Damus.

Quick thing - I was making fun of Cliff (in a good way, like the I started mimicking the riff for Sanford & Son) and someone chimed in and said that Cliff-banger could be this year's feel-good story a la Kirk Gibson.

Now *that* is something I can truly believe in.

El Duque said...

Mets fans have a lot of time on their hands these days. The team is playing awesome and with such a large lead.....they have been playing meaningless games in September where they can play the full roster in preparation of the playoffs. It also provides an opportunity for them to set their rotation.

For the first time since 1986, Met fans have absolutely nothing to worry about this late in the year...a big lead...vanquished (finally) their biggest rival in the Braves, and are set for the post-season. I'd be curious to hear how Met fans would set their rotation as things stand now for the Division Series? My thought is Pedro and Glavine at home and El Duque on the road (you don't need a 4th starter in the Div Series). Wacksel is bad as has been detailed on this blogsite and the kids aren't ready. Duque has been great of late and has won (I believe) eight games for the team. He's a big game pitcher with a great post-season record (lets not forget the job he did for the White Sox last year at Fenway) and is a bulldog on the road (remember he played in Cuba where people threaten to kill you if you don't perform).

Metstradamus said...

Duque, I think it depends on the situation. You're correct on Hernandez. But do you want to, for example, waste a Hernandez start where the Mets are up 2-0 in the NLDS? 1-1, maybe...and if by some strange chance the Mets are in an 0-2 hole going on the road, then you have to go with Hernandez in game three, and back to Petey and Tommy for four and five. But up 2-0, why not go with Maine or Trachsel?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else a little sad that Xavier Nady will be on the field for the wrong team when we (presumably) clinch?

I mean, yeah, it'll be a great moment and all, but I always liked X.

Shari said...

Cliff always walked from the on deck circle to the batter's box like he was just hobbled by Kathy Bates.
He always looked like he was aching from something.
I bet it has to do with that kidney condition they discovered he had in the beginning of the season.
I would imagine with your kidneys only functioning at 45% capacity that it would be tough to stay physically healthy playing a professional sport.

jabair said...

im definately gonna feel bad for X..