Friday, September 15, 2006

"I Was About To Snap"

Pedro can snap as long as his calf doesn't.

Pedro Martinez, with a chance to pitch the Mets into their first division title in 18 years, pitched three innings of very spring training like baseball in his first game back from his calf injury as the Mets failed to clinch on the field Friday night. But forgive me if that's a little further from my mind tonight.

After the bottom of the third, Pedro appeared to be on the verge of tears in the dugout, and had to be consoled by manager Willie Randolph. Now Pedro is only proving himself to be a sensitive man of the new millennium. Unfortunately, his meltdown after his meltdown left everybody wondering if he was hurt again. Willie Randolph said he was fine. All of the Mets hierarchy said he was fine. Rick Peterson said he was fine. Then Petey said he was fine, that he was just "about to snap".

So why am I scared?

Could it be that many of the same Mets front office types insisted that Orlando Hernandez was fine too before a late August start was pushed back due to injury? Could it be that Petey doesn't have the luxury of a second spring training to get ready for October 3rd or 4th? Could it be that if Martinez can't go, Steve Trachsel would have a guaranteed spot in the postseason rotation? Could it be that I haven't had anything to be scared about in the last four months and the baseball gods are playing catch up with my emotions?

Could it be all of the above?

After the game, Martinez advised the Mets fan base against "throwing in the white towel", so that's what I'll do. But if Willie Randolph has a soul, he'll be ready to come to my house at a moment's notice to console me in my hour of need. Because we need Petey. And Petey apparently just needed a moment. Good thing it was just a moment, because I don't think any of us wanted to see him snap...because who knows how much damage he could have done with that red whiffle bat. Remember, it's all fun and games until you take an eye out (then it's just fun.)

And while you're at it coach, please console Paul Lo Duca, because unlike Pedro, Undertaker actually did snap on home plate ump Jeff Kellogg after Paulie was punched out (not literally) in the fifth. Paulie, I gather, would go straight for the wooden bats if he ever decided to snap for higher stakes. And the results wouldn't be very pretty at all.

Speaking of not pretty, Pat Burrell hit a grand slam off of Roger Clemens in a matchup that for Met fans is a vortex of suckdom. It was all the Phillies needed as they beat the Astros 4-3, to keep the magic number at one. With the Phils playing a day game and the Mets going at night, this brings about a situation where the Mets could clinch the N.L. East while in their hotel room. So if you're walking the streets of New York tomorrow, and a total stranger pours champagne or some other form of cheap alcohol on your head tomorrow, you'll understand. Please find it in your heart not to have me arrested.


Jimmy Dougan said...

There's no crying in baseball!

G-Fafif said...

Paulie has to go nuts from time to time. Keeps everybody on their toes.

I have faith in Pedro. No point having anything else.

"Vortex of suckdom"...if only the Mets could have hit the ball so squarely on the screws last night. You're in the sweet spot, prophet.

Mike said...

Pedro threw a 75 year-old man to the ground, said he'd drill the Babe in the ass, told the press the Yanks are his Daddy . . . and hung around in the dugout with a dwarf.

Much as I didn't like what I saw last night, this is part of what you get when Petey's on your squad.

kjs said...

The Mets have won 90 games; Pedro 9. That's 10%. Nothing. And in a sense, reflective of the Mets staring staff in general.
Yet they have 90 wins. Wonder why???
Hmmmm....notice when Pedro was pulled, the Mets "won" 3-1. Notice the two previous games, the Mets won coming back late on the Marlins bullpen and defense and emotions?
Pedro's not my concern. The starters don't concern me--hell, put Williams, Perez, and Pelfrey as 1-2-3...I don't care. Just let them give me 4 innings with 3 runs allowed. Everytime. The Mets bullpen is just that damn good.
What worries me? LEFTIES. Period. The Mets don't work the count against Lefties they're not picking up (about 100% of them). This is the real problem.
Manuel has been passive on this problem; I think Willie has to step up--with contact hitters like LoDuca to give him backup. Work the count, get the Lefty out in the 6th. Take time outs. Bunt--even foul--to throw the pitcher and IF off balance.
Relax. Ideal game for postseason vs Lefty:
Mets 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 1 1/5
Opp 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0/4

Oliver to Mota to Feliciano to Bradford to R. Hd'z (?--if 12-man pen) to Heilmann to (Maine?--Rick and Willie's call)to wagner.
Game over. Playoff contender. If they can work the bloody count against these Lefties. If.

Johnny Cakes but not gay said...

Burrell AND Clemens did it to us again. Hopefully the Phillies win today because I want to celebrate this with a W.

Shea Gadfly said...

There is always a method to Paulie's madness...I think he was pissed because Pedro didn't get some of the same pitches that Maholm got. I bet we see a better strike zone today.

I think Pedro was upset because he thought he had electric stuff but once he stepped to the mound everything changed. He is getting old and I bet it hurts sometimes when he can't conjure up that old magic stuff the way he used to...I know it would hurt me if I ever had an arm like his...

On a sidenote, Keith kept calling the pitches Torres was throwing nasty...I got more and more pissed every time because the guy didn't throw one strike. Half of them were in the dirt...I'm sorry but if you see the same pitch hit the ground every other time and you keep swinging at it then you don't have a very good eye. Patience is most definitely a virtye some of our hitters need to reacquaint themselves with...The guy is not mariano Rivera.

Anyway, have a great day, go Philly (uhh that hurts) and lets mark the magic number zero tonight.

Anonymous said...

Milledge needs to get two starts this weekend, and he can't bat 8th.


the king said...

Agreed. Edge has shown he can at least he can reach base safely against lefties, something the rest of the team seemingly can't.