Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Wow, some lineup out there Tuesday night:

  • SS Anderson Hernandez
  • CF Stan Jefferson
  • 3B Tom O'Malley
  • 1B Jorge Toca
  • LF Gary Rajsich
  • C Butch Benton
  • RF Rodney McCray
  • 2B Bob Heise
  • P Rick Anderson
All right, maybe not quite that bad. But hey, the stunt doubles brought out by Willie Randolph went out and beat a lefthander.

OK. Actually, they got shut down by the lefty and beat the two righties in the pen, but a win is a win...especially when it's Tom Glavine's 289th career win which contained some quality innings, letting us all breathe a little bit easier about the state of the starting pitching.

(I was going to get ex-Met Garry Templeton to ghost-write this blog entry to give me a night off after the clinching, but I was informed via fax that if Garry ain't startin', Garry ain't writin'.)

So that makes the magic num...oh, wait.

A couple of more notes on Monday night: For the sharp eyed who pay attention to the sidebar here, one of the classic quotes ever on this site was by fellow blogger Michael Oliver, who came up with this ditty:

"For a good time, call Mr. Met. 718-577-TIXX"
Well it's nice to know that people pay attention, because during the seventh inning of the clincher, two enterprising gentlemen (one of them not being Michael, it has been confirmed) used the slogan to create a pretty sweet looking banner, which Gary Cohen and Ron Darling absolutely loved.

The fact that stuff originating (well actually, not really I have been informed that the slogan actually made it's way on to a banner during Banner Day during the early 80's, but let's call it: showing up) on this site is making its way into the consciousness of mainstream America (all right, maybe mainstream Queens) is really starting to freak me out.

And do you want irony? Do you want a scrumptious parallel? All right, you've got it. During the very moments the Mets were pouring champagne all over each other, a new closer was pitching for the Cardinals who will be without former Met Jason Isringhausen for the rest of the season. This new closer, pitching the ninth inning, promptly lost the game. This new closer could very well be attempting to save games for the Cards in the NLCS against say, the New York Mets for example.

Oh yeah, his name is Braden Looper.


jabair said...

whatever happened to jorge toca??

Metstradamus said...

I believe he's in the Cardinals system.

Kermit said...

This would have een he game to call up Fonzie for. Oh well, maybe next time.

Unser said...

Ah, yes, Tom O'Malley. . . we've come a long way baby.

I hear they're considering Clemens for the Nobel Peace Prize and the "Pitchers Against Beaning and Bat Shard Throwing" Award. Enjoy watching the post season from home Rog. I hope we hear McCarver mention how you asked out of Game 6 of the '86 WS during every broadcast.

I think you should add a 5th option on your poll - "Worrying about Pedro's effectiveness in the postseason". Not liking the quotes I'm reading from Petey. Sounds like he's unsure of himself.

PDNH said...

I like the Rick Anderson reference in the line-up. He's the current pitching coach for the Twins.

curlygc said...

Braden Looper. Sweeeet.

tobedetermined said...

Yeah, right. After putting all that effort into arranging the horses and riders so that they wouldn't need to repair the field, they're going to play Rodney McCray in the outfield and then have to worry about repairing the fence.

I'd go with Mark Bradley instead.